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Dramatic Sunday Afternoon

Posted in Sibu Drifting on August 15, 2011 by Stanley Carter

So a young guy found me on Facebook and asked if I could teach him how to drift, I’m way too excited to know there’s more drift enthusiasts in Sibu, so how could I said no?  So after a couple weeks of delays, we’ve finally met up on last Sunday’s afternoon, at my usual playground of course.

I was the first one to arrived at the place, and the first thing I’ve noticed was… FIRE!!  The roadside is all covered by small trees and bushes, and they’re on fire, I observed for few minutes then proceeded to park my car at some place which I think was safe, after a while, more friends arrived (the ones that I’ve invited) and we decided to go take a video of the fire…

The fire wasn’t really out of control or something, but we were disappointed at how ‘efficient’ our local fire department responds to the incident… The fire rescuers finally arrived on the scene after more than 30 minutes, so during the time waiting, we decided to go along our business, it’s drift time no matter what.

The usual R/C planers arrived earlier that day as well, so we had no choice but to move our playground further down the runway, we settled ourselves at the far end of the track where there’s a mini layout been painted on the tarmac, it’s obviously for R/C cars, but we didn’t paid much attention to it, I immediately unload all my equipments and tires, got my racing gloves on, called the boy onto my passenger seat and off I go to burn some cheap*ss tires!

Drifting down the main straight

Charmant sideways

One of my favourite shots

More Charmant sideways

Charmant cooling down and pose for some shots

There were some small hiccups on my Charmant, whenever I did some hard weight transfers down the main straight, my car would suddenly stall and went dead, a brief check on the engine and it was clear that my plug cable was disconnected, I re-plug it in and continued to drift, but then the same would happen after a couple more throws, the engine stalls kept occurring to a point where I got so annoyed that I’ve decided to pull out my trusty cable tie and tie’d up the cable, and no more engine stalls after some hard weight transfers, cable tie FTW!

While we were minding our own business, when suddenly, one of the R/C planers, a middle aged uncle shouted at us, calling us over, I drove my car over, rolled down my window, and I was bombarded by this uncle on how I shouldn’t be drifting on the R/C race track as he thinks I might’ve ruined the paints, I re-affirmed with the uncle and I was surprised there were still R/C car players active, although the uncle was quite furious, I did apologized to him as well as all his friends.  Aside from that, I also managed to convinced him that we may continue to have our drifting session going as long as we’re not intruding their R/C plan take-off/landing zone as well as the R/C race track, that leaves us with mere 30 metres of runway only, it sucked I know but since we’re still early, I decided to play on for a little longer.

A few donuts and figure 8s, I started to get bored, so I slowly drove back to my ‘pit’ area to cool down as well as change my tires, little did I expect a Police Waja suddenly drove past me at pretty high speed, then yanked it’s E-brake, after making a 90 degree turn, he continued to stomp on the gas pedal and attempted somewhat of a donut right in front of me (albeit a failed attempt), as soon as he’s done, he drove away immediately, I can clearly see the faces of all three policemen inside the vehicle, and three of them were all giggling at me, I was obviously in a WTF state, obviously they have noticed me a while ago since they were already on site assisting the fire rescue, but the fact that they came down and fool around was totally un-expected, me and my friends were all laughing our *sses off, good times, somehow it also reminded me how I always seemed to attract the authorities no matter where I drift… *gulp*

Alright, so first we had fire incidents, then we got scolded by an uncle for drifting on their so called ‘territory’, followed by a Police vehicle attempting to drift, what’s next?  Well while I was changing my tires, we heard an high pitch engine noise, we looked up onto the sky and we saw a yellow plane soaring at high speeds, it’s a Jet Engine plane, awesome!  We were admiring the noise and speed the plane makes, in less than 5 minutes of flight, we saw a little spark coming from the plane, and the second you knew it, it went KABOOM!! The fibre body parts all scattered mid-air and fallen right into the wild bushes, everyone went silent and so do all the R/C planers.  Upon confirmation with one of the guys, that plane costs more than RM10k alone, and to saw it literally ‘vaporized’ mid-air, I can never imagined how painful it must’ve felt if I was the owner, but on the other hand, if I managed to spend that much on a R/C toy, it might not have been such a big impact either, who knows…

So there you have it, a dramatic Sunday afternoon experienced first hand by me and a group of friends, before we all left, we decided to take some more photos of our cars:

1GTE Cresta vs 4AGE AE70 vs 4AGE Charmant

1GTE Cresta vs 4AGE AE70 vs 4AGE Charmant

The 1GTE Cresta just welded his axle couple weeks back and he show off a couple of donuts, with the bigger and better tires plus the bigger power, he managed to create quite a smoke show for the rest of us.  The AE70 though still HADN’T drifted yet, and the owner had decided to sell his AE70 for a black top AE111, can’t say I was disappointed, but I already saw it coming.

Anyway, I had a blast and I’m looking forward to more sessions like this in the near future, hopefully with more drifters joining me!