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Posted in Personal on July 20, 2011 by Stanley Carter

How long has I been missing? Well…AFAIK it still ain’t as long as Edgar back when he was missing from his blog for more than a year or so, LOL! (I kid I kid)  Anyways, do check out his blog sometime, he has been planning a turbo upgrade for his super clean Charmant.

So… long story short, the reason for the lack of post is just that, nothing has been going on with my Charmant nor my 4AGE, everything is working fine and I’ve been driving it every weekend.  Speaking of which, I even drove my Charmant for a decent trip (200+km) to Tanjung Manis Belawai Beach for picnic, I’m surprised the journey was pretty pleasant, I’ve been hitting 160~170km/h, albeit quite a bit of steering tremble which might be my alignment (hasn’t done any alignment for more than a year) and tires (different tires left and right, and extensively used!).  I gotta admit though, the majority of my pleasant drive was thanks to the newly developed roads, although there’s a clear sign that the road condition has been degrading since, my friends who drove these roads constantly told me that it used to be much better earlier this year, I guess that’s how Sarawak road quality goes….

On a side note, me and a bunch of friends are currently in the midst of preparing the very first event for our small little hometown, we’re thinking of doing a small, simple Autocross practise session since not many are into RWD so doing a drift session is pretty irrelevant at the moment.  It’s still early and we still hadn’t made much progress, but if this thing gets a GO from the authorities, rest assured I’ll be updating more about it right here! (as if anyone really cares about Sibu, LOL!)