Sibu Pride: Turbocharged Levin AE86

Like I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, Sia, a friend of mine and also Johnny, recently just finished his long overdue AE86 rebuild!  The entire rebuild took him more than 2 years to complete, although very time consuming, but he did most of the work all by himself (very similar to Johnny) and the end results are DROOL WORTHY!

Here are some cellphone pictures that I’ve took while I was at his house picking up my tires:

Turbocharged Red AE86 Levin with 2 Way LSD

Sunroof still in working condition!

A very clean and tidy Engine bay!

Packs with many goodies, like these multi coil ignition system!

Turbo overkill anyone!?

Front wheels are 14" Watanabes

Interior shot, all business!

The 300+hp madness is done and powered by MicroTech

This cockpit view is all GO!

This car has been driven on Sibu streets, but it is currently facing some oil leak issue so I didn’t really get the chance to be a passenger and experience how it felt to be in the legendary tofu car with a bigass turbo.

The owner also has a set of UltraRacing bars waiting to be fitted onto the ride, and when he finally got his oil leak issue fixed after CNY, I’d be sure to call him out for a more in depth look and experience in the car while it’s rolling, HOPEFULLY!!  Stay tuned! ^_^

10 Responses to “Sibu Pride: Turbocharged Levin AE86”

  1. That’s it! I’m going to turbo my Charmant! All of those temptations on Youtube and now you Stanley! What turbo is that? Looks too big and laggy..

  2. finally!!! Give the man my regards!!

  3. wow, he must had pay a lot for those cool stuff… I wonder where did he get the turbo… Can i install it into my 22year old saga? How much does it cost? ( it’s old but please dont laugh at my first car. It’s that reason too, i started to learn drifting…i want to proof that old car isn’t a thing to embrass of. He he…now, my school friends started to call me 车神… actually honestly i am not too good in drifting, so i am trying to get to know more friends that drift in sibu.,. Can we be friends? Maybe we can come out and practice drifting together…

  4. Edgar, go slow my friend, one step at a time, I have full faith on your current build, it’s going to be sick!

  5. tofu: For sure I will, I still need to return him the 4 Avanza steel rims, lol!

  6. Making new friends in drifting is definitely not a question at all, do you have facebook? Add me up:, let me know what’s your FB contact so that I know whom I should accept the request.

  7. i dont play facebook, but i have msn and my email is… maybe we can contact each other using phone… just email me…

  8. the turbo start on boost @2800 rpm, and went to full boost of my current setting at 6k rpm, still have window for further up the boost if the ecu have that much of map reading, My Ecu can read full 2 bar pressure only.

  9. Can come out to chat today but need to say earlier

  10. wiltune Says:

    turbo is not that lagging, start to boost on 2.8 K rpm and until redline. 10 psi to 30 psi depend on reqirement

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