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The thing about Old School Cars…

Posted in Car stuff on January 23, 2011 by Stanley Carter

They constantly bug you with all sorts of problems, mechanical, electrical and etc which all lead to a lot of frustration, sometimes even depression!

Nowadays, my car drives like it’s falling apart in pieces, the roads in my town are getting much worse since they first started ‘upgrading’, which usually takes more than 6 months to complete, or even longer if there’s an election coming soon, all the projects would be put on hold, and depending on which side wins, that would probably be the main factor in the completion of these projects, politics, bah!

So, my car is out from the garage, it’s in my house, I’ve been driving it 1-2 times per week, driving it to jog, to my usual basketball place, normal routine, not much drifting nowadays, of course if it’s raining while I’m driving, you bet I’d be dumping my clutch once or twice on certain corners, IF there’s no traffic around of course, hehe.

Good things don’t last long, and my car started misfire since last 2 weeks, my first suspicion comes from either the Spark Plugs or the Plug Wires.  But since neither me or my mechanic friend had any spares, we couldn’t do any simple diagnostic on the fly, so I left my car at the shop and let my mech checked on the fueling side of things, well… just to be sure… and guess what, there WAS a leak in one of my fuel pump hoses, got that fixed but then the problem soon haunted me back.

4AGE not feeling too well.

I was fearing for something worse, but LUCKY me, it was only the plug wires that caused me much worries, my mech finally found some replacement, so got that settled with and now my engine is running well again, I even did a couple donuts in front of the shop, yep, felt good!

After I had my Charmant’s little hiccup fixed, I visited another friend of mine, whom was managing a car wash business downtown, and do check out his ride…

Toyota Cressida 1G-GTE

The driver was driving only a Wira Aeroback a while ago, after he caught the Drifting bug thanks to me, he got himself a pretty mint condition Cressida, found a 1G halfcut and off the car went to a nearby workshop and started the engine swapping process.  My friend also painted the whole car himself in Matt Black, which IMO looks a whole lot cooler compared to my Charmant though, LOL!  Heck he’s running on much better wheels!

The only thing lacking right now from this Cressida is some proper bucket seats and a LSD, I’ve been suggesting my friend to simply weld the axle since there are plentiful cheap Cressida axle’s to be found in Sibu, yet he’s still hesitant about it, I don’t blame him though, not everyone is as drift crazy as me in Sibu, I assure you that!

Lastly, one of the rear tires is leaking air, although slowly, but I’m planning on visit my old playground and so some tire ripping to just get rid of it, now where could I find any partners….hmmm…