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Sibu Pride: Turbocharged Levin AE86

Posted in Car stuff on January 31, 2011 by Stanley Carter

Like I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, Sia, a friend of mine and also Johnny, recently just finished his long overdue AE86 rebuild!  The entire rebuild took him more than 2 years to complete, although very time consuming, but he did most of the work all by himself (very similar to Johnny) and the end results are DROOL WORTHY!

Here are some cellphone pictures that I’ve took while I was at his house picking up my tires:

Turbocharged Red AE86 Levin with 2 Way LSD

Sunroof still in working condition!

A very clean and tidy Engine bay!

Packs with many goodies, like these multi coil ignition system!

Turbo overkill anyone!?

Front wheels are 14" Watanabes

Interior shot, all business!

The 300+hp madness is done and powered by MicroTech

This cockpit view is all GO!

This car has been driven on Sibu streets, but it is currently facing some oil leak issue so I didn’t really get the chance to be a passenger and experience how it felt to be in the legendary tofu car with a bigass turbo.

The owner also has a set of UltraRacing bars waiting to be fitted onto the ride, and when he finally got his oil leak issue fixed after CNY, I’d be sure to call him out for a more in depth look and experience in the car while it’s rolling, HOPEFULLY!!  Stay tuned! ^_^

Drifting with 14″ Tires

Posted in Sibu Drifting on January 31, 2011 by Stanley Carter

Not just any usual sized 14″ tires, but the ones from the Toyota Avanza, which comes in 185/70/R14!  Now that’s what I call fat! LOL!

Anyhow, Sia called me up 2 days ago and told me he had 4 Avanza tires that he needed to get rid of, so I’m the first guy he thought of contacting, wise choice my friend, wise choice indeed.  While I visited his home to pick up the tires, I also spent a good 10~20 minutes checking out his monster spec AE86, but I’ll get to that in my next post.


Charmant rocking 185/70/R14 tires at the rear

After I got my tires, I went straight to my usual playground, called up a new friend whom has been bugging me to give him a drift ride or two, and began my long awaited drift session!

Drifting on 14″ tires was definitely a first for me, I didn’t knew what to expect, but that uncertainty feeling disappeared as soon as I popped my clutch in first gear, ‘Hey it’s pretty much the same!’.  And so I went and did a couple of donuts and figure 8s in first gear, just to get myself warmed up.

After feeling more comfortable, it was time to move up to 2nd gear and do some choku doris down the straightaway.  Now the 1st gear was piece of cake, but doing it in 2nd gear was way different, I was having a hard time to snap my rear out with barely any angle, without any Ebrake to assist me, I tried hard on clutch kicking, feint and also power over (worst technique to attempt in this situation though, LOL!) and somehow none of the techniques felt right.  When I did managed to get in some good angles, I’d usually spun at the following transition, ewww!

After 5 minutes of non stop attempts in some louzy ass choku doris, I noticed that my water temp gauge is not working, I parked my car at the side and got down to check on my engine, and the view was shocking!  I have oil ALL OVER my engine bay, I was petrified!  The first thought that came to mind was “OH MOTHERF*CK! HAVE I JUST BLOWN MY 3RD ENGINE, AGAIN!!??”

But thank god that was not the case, I knew there’s something wrong, but the engine was still running very smooth and healthily at the time, so I was suspecting it could be a loosen fuel hose or something, but I just don’t know where the leak was, I quickly packed up my tires and gears and drove straight to my mechanic for help.


Messy and greasy engine bay

The picture above doesn’t show much justice on how messy it was as I snapped this the day after the incident… Anyhow, back to the story!  After a quick check from my mech, he told me the leak came from this…


The yellow hose is actually hanging loose to the bottom end of the engine bay

Notice the yellow hose coming out from my valve cover?  Well that was supposed to connect to my intake manifold, the one where I have a brown hose tucked on it…


The yellow hose supposed to go to the Intake Manifold!

Since I’ve modded my intake manifold, the 2 holes are now misaligned and although I can still connect them both with the current hose, it would not be wise.  And that’s why my mech decided to simply point my hose towards the bottom, as he didn’t expect my driving would spill oil all over the engine bay!  Another possible reason could be the fact that I’m now running higher fuel pressure from my regulator, which sorta made the matter worse, I guess…. (someone please correct me or my mech if both of us are extremely wrong!)

Long story short, I am in urgent need of an Oil Catch tank if I wish to do more drifting, oh and about the water temp gauge not working problem, it was just my sensor socket came loose, LOL!

In the end, I’m glad it wasn’t much of a serious issue, thank god!

The thing about Old School Cars…

Posted in Car stuff on January 23, 2011 by Stanley Carter

They constantly bug you with all sorts of problems, mechanical, electrical and etc which all lead to a lot of frustration, sometimes even depression!

Nowadays, my car drives like it’s falling apart in pieces, the roads in my town are getting much worse since they first started ‘upgrading’, which usually takes more than 6 months to complete, or even longer if there’s an election coming soon, all the projects would be put on hold, and depending on which side wins, that would probably be the main factor in the completion of these projects, politics, bah!

So, my car is out from the garage, it’s in my house, I’ve been driving it 1-2 times per week, driving it to jog, to my usual basketball place, normal routine, not much drifting nowadays, of course if it’s raining while I’m driving, you bet I’d be dumping my clutch once or twice on certain corners, IF there’s no traffic around of course, hehe.

Good things don’t last long, and my car started misfire since last 2 weeks, my first suspicion comes from either the Spark Plugs or the Plug Wires.  But since neither me or my mechanic friend had any spares, we couldn’t do any simple diagnostic on the fly, so I left my car at the shop and let my mech checked on the fueling side of things, well… just to be sure… and guess what, there WAS a leak in one of my fuel pump hoses, got that fixed but then the problem soon haunted me back.

4AGE not feeling too well.

I was fearing for something worse, but LUCKY me, it was only the plug wires that caused me much worries, my mech finally found some replacement, so got that settled with and now my engine is running well again, I even did a couple donuts in front of the shop, yep, felt good!

After I had my Charmant’s little hiccup fixed, I visited another friend of mine, whom was managing a car wash business downtown, and do check out his ride…

Toyota Cressida 1G-GTE

The driver was driving only a Wira Aeroback a while ago, after he caught the Drifting bug thanks to me, he got himself a pretty mint condition Cressida, found a 1G halfcut and off the car went to a nearby workshop and started the engine swapping process.  My friend also painted the whole car himself in Matt Black, which IMO looks a whole lot cooler compared to my Charmant though, LOL!  Heck he’s running on much better wheels!

The only thing lacking right now from this Cressida is some proper bucket seats and a LSD, I’ve been suggesting my friend to simply weld the axle since there are plentiful cheap Cressida axle’s to be found in Sibu, yet he’s still hesitant about it, I don’t blame him though, not everyone is as drift crazy as me in Sibu, I assure you that!

Lastly, one of the rear tires is leaking air, although slowly, but I’m planning on visit my old playground and so some tire ripping to just get rid of it, now where could I find any partners….hmmm…

My personal picks on the Speedhunters Awards 2010

Posted in Car stuff on January 16, 2011 by Stanley Carter

Another year had passed, and since I posted my personal picks on the 2009 Speedhunter Awards, I thought I should do the same for last year as well!

Now where should I start, 2010 definitely had a lot more categories compared to previous year, I’ll just go with the same flow with the site then, so here goes!

Concept Car of the Year

My pick goes to Mazda Shinari.

Mazda Shinari

I’ve always been a fan of the Mazda RX-7, like many have mentioned, RX-7 is still one of the best timeless design sports car for today, I’m really hoping Mazda will come up with a true RX-7 successor.  IMO this Shinari concept is looking promising and definitely going at the right direction.  On a side note, FT-86 was not on the nomination list last year, if it did, I’d definitely pick it again, no doubt, LOL!

Retro Car of the Year

My pick goes to Rocky Auto Full Carbon S30.

Rocky Auto Full Carbon S30

I love the S30 body style, and I’m also a fan of merging old school rides with modern parts, full carbon? Check!  TE37V? Check!  What’s not to love?

New Car of the Year

My pick goes to the McLaren MP4-12C.

McLaren MP4-12C

Pretty easy pick for me, since McLaren F1 was one of the very first cars that redefined the term ‘Super’ cars!  As a successor to the mighty F1, yep, I definitely think it deserves to be the best new car for 2010.

Race Car of the Year

My pick goes to Honda’s Super-GT HSV-010 GT.

HSV-010 GT

Yummy yes, it’s only a matter of time the HSV will be converted into a full out production super car, it’d be a worthy successor to the NSX!

Demo Car of the Year

My pick goes to Team Need For Speed RTR-X.


I have to agree with SpeedHunters on this one, I’ve read every single WIP post from Vaughn on this ride and it always amazed me at how bad*ss this american muscle was been built, the car is still undergoing some fine tuning before it’s going to hit the track and cause havoc, but hey, this is the Demo Car of the Year award, I think I made a fair choice.

Street Car of the Year

My pick goes to A Fast Road Mazda RX-7.

A Fast Road Mazda RX-7

I’ve said it before, RX-7 is one of my all time favorite rides, my dream street ride would definitely be looking a lot like this Fast Road RX-7, too beautiful, too jealous!

Reader’s Car of the Year

My pick goes to Raymond Hu’s S15.

Raymond Hu's S15

Black on black themed Silvia S15, fantastic!  S15 is my favorite Silvia among the other variants, and Raymond’s S15 is definitely making me feel very envious!

Rat of the Year

My pick goes to Motorfix Corolla Sedan.

Motorfix Corolla Sedan

It’s a close call between the Wagon and the Sedan for me though, but eventually I opt for the Sedan.  The Motorfix Corollas may look like crap, but man do they tear up the Japan tracks like there’s no tomorrow!  Now that is how you drive your rat mobile!

Street Drift Car of the Year

My pick goes to WKD Imports JZX100.

WKD Import JZX100

To me, a street drift car needs to look proper on the streets, I’m a fan of clean looking rides, and this JZX100 definitely meets the criteria, the exterior mods are subtle at best, and best of all, the car has a comfy interior (which is very important since you’d be spending a lot of time on the roads in this car) but with a monstrous engine to make it an interesting sleeper as well, my kind of street drift car!

Pro Drift Car of the Year

My pick goes to Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ford Mustang.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ford Mustang

Again this is pretty much a no brainer for me, Professional drifting is all about serious business, being competitive and most importantly, results.  VG Jr. Mustang was on fire during the 2010 season, not only is VG Jr. a great drift driver but his Monster Mustang was also performing top notch, allowing him to grab the 2010 Championship title.  I’m pretty sure VG Jr. and his Mustang can take on the best D1GP drivers without much sweat!

Champion of the Year

My pick goes to Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel - F1 World Champion 2010

The youngest driver ever to win a F1 World Championship Title?  Heck Yeah!

Event of the Year

My pick goes to the Autumn Drift Matsuri.

Autumn Drift Matsuri

I’m a huge drift fan myself, I drive a crappy Charmant that attempts to drift every once in a while but can never keep the car in good shape, and Drift Matsuri is definitely the most desired events to attend for all drifters alike.  I understand it’d be impossible to even drive my Charmant there, but one can always dream…

Moment of the Year

My pick goes to the D1 Resignation Announcement from Daijiro and Keiichi.

Daijiro Inada resigning from D1GP

We all knew D1GP was going downhill few years back, and we’ve seen and heard at too many weird and bad calls from the D1GP judges, but then I was never prepared for this shocking news!  I won’t be going into details, but I’m definitely looking forward in seeing what new series Daijiro and Keiichi have come up for 2011, as well as how different D1GP would be this year without these two juggernauts of the Drifting scene.

Personality of the Year

My pick goes to Fredric Aasbo.

Fredric Aasbo

This fella was on fire and never fails to impress EVERYONE when he’s on the track with his busted up Supra, not only is the Supra almost stock, but he’s a foreigner and running low on funds, a privateer that almost eliminated some of the FD top guns, Fredric Aasbo is a beast, and my pick for the Personality of 2010.

And that wraps up my personal picks on last year’s Speedhunters Awards, if you haven’t noticed, I skipped the ‘Speedhunters Car of the Year’, simply because it was pretty irrelevant as none of the car listed in that nomination appealed to me, so I might as well just forget about it.  Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post and if you also have a list of your own, please share them! (although it might be a bit too late as we’re already half way through January…  XD )