Stationery Tape!?

So 2 weeks ago, I attended a friend’s wedding, his wedding ride was pretty cool, it’s the 2010 edition Hyundai Tucson:

Hyundai Tucson

This baby right here has 6 speed automatic, and 2 sunroofs, IMO it’s one heck of a sexy looking ride.  But if I have that kinda money, I’d opt for a different Hyundai… the Sonata of course, but that’s just me of course.

Ok back on topic, so my friend requested me to attend with my Charmant, I was definitely surprised to say the least, and the first thing that came on my mind was “What the? You’re going to ask me to perform donuts during one of those moments huh?” LOL!  But ‘unfortunately’ that wasn’t the case, he simply asked cause he thinks my ride is cool.  Thanks! XD

My trusty Charmant

So there I was, parked tightly along with the rest of the cars at the bride’s house, after my friend got her bride, it was time to leave, I got into my ride and started the engine, placed into 1st gear, released the clutch, turn the steering, slightly pressed on the gas and out of a sudden I heard “SQUEEEECCCCKKK!!!”  I braked and quickly turned my head around to check out what’s up… and yep, my car got scratched!

The passenger on the other car opens the door too wide and didn’t noticed my car was already moving, when she already noticed she was too late to close it, and thus my rear fender were hit till all the way to the tail light which it popped loose!  While she continued to apologize, I told her it’s fine and she wouldn’t need to pay a cent, good thing I’m driving my good’ol Charmant, it can take any beating, hah!

So I asked the bride’s younger brother if he had any duct tapes, after half a minute later, he brought me stationery tapes instead, since all the cars have already left and they can’t enter the bridegroom’s house without me (it’s some sort of traditional Chinese Karma thingy), I have to make do with what I got, surprisingly, the stationery tapes did just fine…

Charmant tail light with stationery tapes

The tail light holds there for the next couple of days without falling apart (I’m deeply impressed LOL!), then I finally got it properly screwed it back on.

A little update on how the new fuel pressure regulator affects my Charmant, other than having no more knocking issues, I also noticed my Charmant has been drinking more fuel now, I guess that’s the sacrifice I need to live with since I’m still running on the old 4AGE ECU.

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