Back to Terrorizing Sibu Streets

This temporarily solves my insufficient fuel pressure problems:

Replica SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator

Since it’s a replica, it’s cheap.  Aside from this, I’ve also had my timing tuned down slightly to further avoid any risk of knocking again.  My car looks crappier day by day, but most importantly, it now runs and I’m stoked!  Did a couple street drifting at very early mornings when there’s barely no traffic around and I had fun.  I’ve yet to bring it to my usual playground for some serious drifting, but I think I can wait, I’ll just have to go slow and steady and be extra cautious of the engine’s conditions.  Gotta make sure I don’t blow my 3rd engine eh?

Anyways, won’t be so much of an update lately, after all, there really isn’t much happening in the Sibu scene, if I blog about my life, that’d be too boring, haha!

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