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The ‘Ken Block’ from Land of the Rising Sun!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on November 5, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Spotted this video just now from my YouTube subscription, appears to be some Japanese Show where they showcases the elite drifting skills of one of the senior Team Orange driver, Tanaka san!

There’s plenty of hilarious moments in there, especially the miniature trike thingy where they’re imitating the famous Ken Block’ish segway stunt.

The last stunt is amazing in the fact that although Tanaka only succeeded after the 20th attempt, it’s AMAZING that he NEVER hit the doll even once! I could be wrong though, since the video didn’t actually showed all 20 attempts, but man if he really didn’t hit it from all those attempts…. now that to me…is MAD skills!

Of course, that is still no denying that if the guy would to really use his own head for the stunt, that’d be way too suicidal! LOL!