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Sibu Car Show at Medan Mall

Posted in Events on October 3, 2010 by Stanley Carter

The event was held yesterday (2 Oct 2010), turnout wasn’t that impressive, and as expected, most of the cars on display were over the top super rice + sound blasting….’thing’!

However, there were some cars that didn’t get as much attention from the crowd but did stopped me in my footsteps to snapped a few photos:

1JZ auto Hilux

Fortuner Headlight conversion

18" work deep dish wheels

2WD Turbocharged Lancer

Lancer's wheel and brake setup

Nice taillights, no?

M3 wannabe Beemer

20" wheels + widebody conversion

Looking all business, VTEC?

Pretty nice.

That’s about all the photos I’ve snapped, those of you that are into freak audio ricemobile shows, you just have to refer to other websites for pictures (but I doubt you’d be interested), hehe…

October randomness!

Posted in Personal on October 1, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Plenty happened in September for me though, I successfully organized a kick-ass company trip to Similajau National Park, I’ve also celebrated my Birthday as well as my missus, along with many other stuffs that I got myself fairly busied throughout the entire month, hence the lack of updates.

Anyways, I did sorta snapped some random pics of some interesting rides I saw on Sibu streets during the month of September…


AE70 coupe

And while I was sending my car to the workshop, I spotted this ‘amazing’ turbo pipe work…


That’s it for my random pics, now onto more personal updates, if you’re wondering how’s my Charmant doing right now, here’s a pic that basically says it all:

4AGE disassembled..again...

More updates coming soon…