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4AGE 16v 3rd Gen

Posted in Car stuff on October 17, 2010 by Stanley Carter

After having my head disassembled from the block and had some basic check up on the engine’s condition, it seems like my worst fear has been realized once again, although I may opt to have it repaired, but that would cost just as much as getting another engine, so before I’ve decided on anything, Johnny was scouting around many of Miri’s half cut shops and he was particularly impressed with this one that he visited last couple of days:


More engines

Can you spot how many 4AGEs in this pic?

According to Johnny, the place is filled with all kinds of engines you can think of, however they might cost a bit more than usual.  Plenty of 20v 4AGE scattered around the warehouse, but getting a 20v would be exceeding my current budget, so instead of upgrading to a 20v, I’m still going for 16v, but this time, I’m getting the third and last generation of the 16v 4AGE, here are some differences I’ve quoted from wikipedia if you’re interested:

The third-generation appeared in 1989 and was in production until 1991. This engine has the silver cam covers with the words only written in red, hence the nickname “red top”. Toyota increased the compression ratio from 9.4:1 to 10.3:1. To correct the air-speed problems of the earlier generations, the intake ports in this cylinder head were re-designed to have a smaller cross-section, and hence it has been nicknamed the “smallport” head. This change in the intake ports negated the need for the earlier twin-runner intake manifold and it was replaced with a single-runner manifold. Additional engine modifications to extend life and reliability included under-piston cooling oil squirters, thicker connecting rods and other components. Also of note, the pistons were changed to accept a 20 mm fully floating gudgen pin unlike the 18 mm pressed-in pins of the earlier versions. All non-U.S. market 4A-GEs continued to use a MAP sensor, while all of the U.S.-market 4A-GE engines came with a MAF sensor. This revision increased the power to 140 PS (100 kW; 140 hp) at 7200 rpm with a torque of 149 N·m (110 lb·ft) at 4800 rpm (130 hp and 105 lb-ft for US-market cars).

Here’s a pic of the engine I just bought:

4AGE 16v 'Red Top'

As you can see, no more TVIS, some modifications to the current intake manifold and throttle body is required before it can be fitted to my Charmant’s engine bay, this 3rd gen 4AGE was previously from a FWD Toyota, therefore it won’t be a direct fit to a RWD layout vehicle.

The engine’s already arrived Sibu, but due to some issues with the delivery company, I’ll have to wait till next Monday to finally get my hands on the engine, and start working.

I’m already broke, yet there are still quite a number of parts I need to gather in order to have the engine up and running in my Charmant, I hope this is all worth it.  All that is pushing me now is my passion, to others, act of idiocy? ^_^