Ramadhan Drift Challenge: Charmant Drifter spotted!

Check this video out:

The Charmant is shown at 0:58 secs in what seems to be recovering from a crash. 😦

It is later shown again at 1:34, you can see it’s rolling on some MK wheels I think, but I could be wrong though.

Too bad there’s no actual footage of it drifting in action, would love to see more pictures of this car (If I can find them).

One Response to “Ramadhan Drift Challenge: Charmant Drifter spotted!”

  1. yeah, i do see that car once or twice when i go to maeps to drift there. I think he just started drifting not too long ago. within 6 months. spotted him a few times. haven’t talked to him, usu he drifts behind me :p

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