Kuching Drift!

First and foremost, there’s no videos and there’s no pictures, and this is actually a pretty boring post.

Here’s what happened, me and my family had a road trip down to Kuching for a little Holiday in our Kia Forte (such an underpowered car), while we were there, I’ve decided to phone up a long lost friend of mine who is currently having his own business there, I asked him to bring me to the infamous Stadium go-kart track and off we went.

Long story short, we arrived too late, as there was actually more than 40 cars gathered at the car park 1-2 hours before and there were some Silvias showing off drifting, by the time we’ve reached, I’ve only managed to spot a R34 GT-T, a Silvia S15 and a Kawabata’ish 180sx… plus few others LanEvo, Fairladies etc. and they were just packing up and leaving, kinda sucked as I’ve missed all the action!

What I don’t understand is, there are larger areas within the compound that are way suitable for drifting, yet they still preferred to do donuts and figure 8s at the usual place where it’s really small and confined, I mean seriously, why?  If I were them I’d probably be bored immediately, after all, they have been doing this for months, maybe over an year?  If I recalled correctly, I’ve actually watched some of them doing the same thing on YouTube over a year ago.

Maybe they have their own reasons, who knows?  But one thing’s for sure, I am very envious for Kuching drifters, they get to practise and play at such a great venue which is basically hassle-free from the authorities, now that is something Sibu doesn’t have!

Anyways, big thanks to my friend for bringing me there and it’s definitely a nice first visit for me though, if I’d ever had the chance, I’d really love to get my Charmant there and drift with the locals as well, hehe.

3 Responses to “Kuching Drift!”

  1. kuchingite Says:

    to be honest actually there aren’t many places to play in kuching where it is ‘authority-free’, the one place u probably saw at the stadium is one of the bigger, safer places to play

    trust me there aren’t any other places nearby which is suited for drift/donut-usage; any other places would have too many beams, could be bigger But narrower, and this place is relatively shielded from main roads / public view unless u directly drive there to have a look and that’s the only reason why people keep playing at the same place

    yeah you’re right it is boring if you go at it alone, but things get more interesting when there are 2 cars playing simultaneously, where things aren’t so fixed anymore, like plain donuts or 8s; a bit more difficult also when there are 2 cars moving randomly, then at the right moment joining up to do something synchronised

    the drift scene is picking up quite slowly here, it’s just once in a while where people actually come to play at the carpark haha

    now i guess u can say the the drifting here, even though it is limited to a smaller area, is leaning towards the direction of exhibition drifting, since there are not many options/places, it is a pity, there aren’t any chances to play around with the 3rd gear

    the helical lsd of the s15 makes things more difficult for the drivers too, it tends to straighten the car up up too much…a proper locked lsd will make things smoother/easier

    on behalf of kuchingites, we would definitely love to have you join us at the stadium! haha, the more the merrier the faster the scene will rise


  2. Kuchingite: Thanks for the comment man, appreciated! Yea I have to agree, being the only ‘safe and legal’ place to play, the space is really limited, but while I was on my way to the stadium, I spotted a big area where they have a R/C track setup, that’d be pretty awesome to do some 2-3rd gear manji/chokudoris, hehe.

    And yea, I’m so eager to drift at Kuching already 😛

  3. You’re right, there would be a good place to do manji, only thing is that actually even the r/c track area is a bit too open; being right next to a mini golf course and the main road, with police cars driving past once in a while haha…eh chokudori is different than manji right? more high speed, almost like straight line drift, getting the car into the right position for the turn

    They close one eye to the happenings within the track area but not sure how they would feel if people started doing things more openly, that’s the problem lol

    The space you saw the other day where people played, true, very limited manji-ing action lol, just a coupla feints and you have to bring the car around

    Actually i just started learning about 10 months back, so still gotta learn lotsa things, especially :

    1. initiation while the car is going straight, havent gotten around to practicing that
    2. doing things in 3rd gear
    3. J-turn (not drift technique but neat nonetheless LoL)

    Eh, ur friend is Baron Tan right haha

    I saw you the other day, didnt noe it was Stanley Carter lol seen u around in forums

    If ure coming down here do tell ah hehe must tunjuk ajar…us kuching gotta catch up to the rest of borneo lol

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