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LuLu – My Deaf Dalmation

Posted in Random on August 21, 2010 by Stanley Carter

My dear 'LuLu' - The Deaf Dalmation

Me and my dad bought LuLu over from a friend of his when she’s only 2~3 months old, now after 7 months, she’s looking better than ever.

When we first got her, we were all very excited, it’s our first Dalmation for the family, since we wanted to make sure we would raise her well, I went online and did some basic research on Dalmations, little did I know that some Dalmations have a tendency of going deaf after birth, and our LuLu is one of them.  We didn’t knew until my elder brother suspected it after it has lived with us for more than 2 months, we took her to the nearest veterinary and she was confirmed deaf, we were all shocked and a bit saddened by the truth, but then the thought of loving her less never crossed our minds, instead we continued loving her and raised her up like any other pet that we’ve owned in the past.

To train a deaf dog is definitely a challenge, well, actually… challenging would be an understatement, I’d be real honest here and just admit that it’s merely impossible for us!  I’ve done some studies again online on how to train and raise deaf dogs, while I did applied most of those techniques on LuLu, they never seem to work.  I know that patience is the key, but time is our biggest problem, as all of us have to work on a daily basis, we simply don’t have enough time for LuLu.

All in all, LuLu is still a beauty, but she’s a real menace!  After 7 months, she’d still tries to bit anything on her path!  Slippers, newspapers, carpets, my Dad’s cigarette packs, wires, ropes…. ANYTHING!  And since she can’t hear us, nor does our angry expression with the hand gesture thingy worked at all, we have to resort to a more physical approach, by using a long stick and hit her whenever she’s attempting something nasty, yet, she still never learns her lesson, now THAT… is pretty frustrating.

We still love her though, but not so when she rips all our stuffs, LOL!!