I can never understand….

…this sort of stuff that I’ve encountered on Sibu roads…

TRD spec Mitsubishi Triton

Seriously, WTF!?  If I may… I’d assume this driver is another typical Sibu locals who happened to had found a cool ‘gold-ish’ TRD sticker from god knows where, and decided that it’d be cool to just slap it onto his daily ride, despite knowing what TRD actually stands for.

Whenever I saw such a thing on the road, it really f*cks up my head, LOL!


5 Responses to “I can never understand….”

  1. Truck Racing Development olol xD

  2. I don’t see anything wrong.. TRD stands for Triton Racing Development right?

  3. OMG Edgar, you’re still alive!!! LOL!! Where’ve you been man? Are you still that busy with work?

  4. Yeah man.. I am THAT busy. Coming back from work at 3 or 4 AM in the morning nearly every day.. Hopefully i’ll finish it just before the moslem Ied and after that, time to focus back on The DOG! Woohoo..

  5. Edgar, good to hear man, I’m already missing your blog updates MONTHS back!

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