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Fulltime Nanny

Posted in Personal on July 29, 2010 by Stanley Carter

My Mom-in-Law left Sibu for an almost 2 weeks vacation at Singapore and KL earlier this month, she was the one who takes care of my son whenever me and my wife went to work, and since my wife hasn’t obtained any leaves from the Company, I’ve decided to step up my game and become a fulltime nanny for a week and a half!

It was quite a challenge I must say, and the moment I successfully got him to sleep was definitely one of the greatest feelings I’ve had throughout the day, LOL!

During the first couple of days, me and him were basically stuck at home, I basically did nothing else but to just look after him while he’s busying doing what most babies do best.

When that first week passed, I began to feel extremely bored and irritated, it was then I’ve decided it’s best for me to take him out for a ride or two around town, and so we did.  We visited couple of shopping malls throughout the remaining days just so I could get by the time easier, and that somehow worked pretty well.

When my Mom-in-Law finally returned, I just can’t wait to get back to work, not that I dislike being together with my son, but it was simply too boring for me!  Maybe if he grew older, we could’ve had much more fun, haha!  Anyways, that one and a half weeks time of being a fulltime nanny for my son was indeed, great times… great times indeed!