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Who needs a Digital Camera…

Posted in Cool Stuffs on July 12, 2010 by Stanley Carter

When you can have this?

Samsung Wave

It has only 5mp camera with LED flash, but the image quality is satisfying enough for my standards, and the best feature I liked about the phone is the ability to snap 720p HD videos, dayuuuummmnn!!!  Why don’t I pick some other phones with 8mp or 12mp cameras you may ask, well, after an entire week long of basic research online on god knows how many websites and blogs I’ve read through, I’ve noticed those higher spec camera phones either don’t take pictures as good as it is (higher pixels does not equal to better quality, it only has..well… higher resolution, that’s about it) or it does not support HD video recording, as far as my current knowledge goes, this Samsung Wave seems to be fitting my requirements pretty spot on.

On the contrary, I’ve just read suituapui’s recent post on getting a new phone, instead of getting one similarly spec’ed as mine, he opted for the more reliable and affordable type, the ones that gets the job done, plus… also use it throw at dogs.  I was just like him many years back, truth be told, I’ve never bought a phone myself, all my previous phones were either bought by my parents (while I was still young) or it was given as a present (by my wife too!), they were all low spec phones, somewhere in the range between RM400~600 (still more expensive than yours, suituapui, LOL!).

I’m the type of guy that likes to snap pictures or videos when I encounter something interesting at any given place, even when I’m driving (I know, bad habit!), the current phone that I’m using now was ran over by several cars (don’t ask why, LOOOONG story ROFL!!), and I’m now using my mom’s older phone, the specs and its camera definitely couldn’t cope up with my needs, with only 2mp and a f*cked up lens, image taken has way too much noise, and the snap takes forever, trust me when I always MISSED the perfect moment to capture some cool moments on my son, Darren.

The Samsung Wave is still a handphone, but rest assured the image snapping ability it possess is way, way better compared to my current SE S302.  I’m really pleased to be able to use just 1 device to do it all, phone calls, sms, organizers, snapping photos and also record videos!  And I definitely don’t like the idea of having to bring a Digicam or a camcorder during the trip, I seriously think Digicams are pointless, if I would ever buy any camera, it’d be a DSLR.

Anyways, me and my family will be paying a visit to the City of Cats (Kuching) next month, so I’ll be making full use of Wave and rely it to capture some nice and memorable moments.

So I can’t afford to fix my Charmant, but now I’m suddenly buying a new phone which costs over a thousand!?  Where did my money come from?  Pretty simple, I pay by installment, ROFL!!!!