Time to settle down

It’s official, with another blown 4AGE, I simply don’t have enough financial backups for the repairs, not for the 2nd time in a year, this truly sucked.

I’ve driven my Charmant to the workshop and the mech just left it untouched for an entire week due to his jam packed schedules, however, it also gave me sufficient amount of time to rethink it over, and before the mech got the chance to dig his hands into my 4AGE, I’ve made a decision to drive it back home and left it in hibernation mode.

Despite the fact that I picked a rusted old schooler in the first place, and I opt for one of the cheaper setups (4AGE etc) thanks to Louis, yet this Drifting thingy… is still a very expensive hobby to me,  the reason why there was barely any noticeable updates or upgrades to the car was obvious, I simply can’t afford to spend!  The only spendings that I’m willing of are tires, regular oil change services, and petrol, the usual stuff that gets my car going, and also brings me joy when I’m clutch kicking my Charmant at corners.

I’ve always known the fact that if you plan to abuse your car and your engine, you should build it up the proper way, using the right parts, and not cut corners, which was how I treated my car for the past couple of years, that’s for being a cheapskate.  I ain’t denying, I am a cheapskate when it comes to this sorta stuff.

I’ve decided to leave the Charmant un-attended to simply because I’ve realized, if I were to get it fixed again, I would definitely need to do it PROPERLY, no more shortcuts, no more crappy 2nd hand parts from god knows where.  If you want to play hard, then your toy should be built hard enough to withstand the abuse, and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do…. that is… when I’m financially ready, and god knows when that time would ever come…

The thought of selling the car also crossed my mind several times, but I loved my Charmant too much that just the thought of parting with it is absolutely unbearable! (And who else would want a car with a f*cked up engine anyways?)

That’s it I guess, no more drifting from now onwards, it leaves me no choice but to settle down.  I’ve gotta admit, I was extremely disappointed that it all didn’t went out with a BANG!  If you know what I mean… I wasn’t pushing the car hard, I rarely drifted it after the 1st engine replacement, just some regular drives here and there and out of a sudden… BAM!  It blew… mother F*CK!

If only it blew when I was like drifting it hardcore, tsuiso-ing and pushing the limits, having a blast for an entire day…. but I had none of that!

Sleep well Charmant… sleep well…

7 Responses to “Time to settle down”

  1. that’s just sad,man! =(
    I hope you make more bank to fix the car.
    May God or some rich guy bless you? cheer up man!

  2. let the car sleep for awhile.. get your resources sorted.. and prepare for a come back when you are comfortable man.. 😉 don’t give up just yet..!!

  3. Fie: thanks.

    Daz: That also means I have to restrain myself from reading your blog, coz it’s full of lust and temptation!

  4. Definitely sad to hear that…..but hopefully time will make things better.

  5. Oh, the drive is always there. trust me. You’ll find a way around it. Subconsciously you’ll come find some time and cash for it. Not soon, but it’ll happen.

  6. D1 enthusiast Says:

    hi, i stumbled upon ur blog somehow thru dcm. since u r coming to cat city n since u r into drifting that’s if u r still into it, e-mail me n i’ll bring u around to meet some drifters in cat city n maybe we might bring u along for some drift practice session… cheers ;>

  7. D1 enthusiast: Thanks man, but what’s your Email? 😛

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