Epic Short Films

If you’re into console gaming then you should be familiar with these 2 titles: Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Now just a while ago this short little fan made film titled ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’ emerged on YouTube and all hell break loose, despite the fact that it was just FAN MADE, it totally blows all the past Hollywood *crap* SF movies away!  I can never get sick of watching this over and over again:

Now that is HOW a Street Fighter movie should be!

For my next sharing, it’s actually a short film made as some sort of a Proposal to Warner Bros. so that they might get a chance to actually remake it into a full feature length movie, however, compared to the SF: Legacy, the production from this short film is way better, just check this ‘Mortal Kombat: Rebirth’ out yourselves:

I seriously hope WB would consider this short film proposal and actually remake it with such direction, it is simply too epic, and judging by the video responses on YouTube, you can tell this is going to be Super!

Speaking of which, I hope that Tony Jaa would make it into either of these movies, there’s Asian characters in both of these games, and Tony Jaa would be most suitable to play some of the roles, don’t you agree?


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