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Time to settle down

Posted in Car stuff on June 28, 2010 by Stanley Carter

It’s official, with another blown 4AGE, I simply don’t have enough financial backups for the repairs, not for the 2nd time in a year, this truly sucked.

I’ve driven my Charmant to the workshop and the mech just left it untouched for an entire week due to his jam packed schedules, however, it also gave me sufficient amount of time to rethink it over, and before the mech got the chance to dig his hands into my 4AGE, I’ve made a decision to drive it back home and left it in hibernation mode.

Despite the fact that I picked a rusted old schooler in the first place, and I opt for one of the cheaper setups (4AGE etc) thanks to Louis, yet this Drifting thingy… is still a very expensive hobby to me,  the reason why there was barely any noticeable updates or upgrades to the car was obvious, I simply can’t afford to spend!  The only spendings that I’m willing of are tires, regular oil change services, and petrol, the usual stuff that gets my car going, and also brings me joy when I’m clutch kicking my Charmant at corners.

I’ve always known the fact that if you plan to abuse your car and your engine, you should build it up the proper way, using the right parts, and not cut corners, which was how I treated my car for the past couple of years, that’s for being a cheapskate.  I ain’t denying, I am a cheapskate when it comes to this sorta stuff.

I’ve decided to leave the Charmant un-attended to simply because I’ve realized, if I were to get it fixed again, I would definitely need to do it PROPERLY, no more shortcuts, no more crappy 2nd hand parts from god knows where.  If you want to play hard, then your toy should be built hard enough to withstand the abuse, and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do…. that is… when I’m financially ready, and god knows when that time would ever come…

The thought of selling the car also crossed my mind several times, but I loved my Charmant too much that just the thought of parting with it is absolutely unbearable! (And who else would want a car with a f*cked up engine anyways?)

That’s it I guess, no more drifting from now onwards, it leaves me no choice but to settle down.  I’ve gotta admit, I was extremely disappointed that it all didn’t went out with a BANG!  If you know what I mean… I wasn’t pushing the car hard, I rarely drifted it after the 1st engine replacement, just some regular drives here and there and out of a sudden… BAM!  It blew… mother F*CK!

If only it blew when I was like drifting it hardcore, tsuiso-ing and pushing the limits, having a blast for an entire day…. but I had none of that!

Sleep well Charmant… sleep well…


Posted in Car stuff on June 23, 2010 by Stanley Carter

…And they always say how reliable and durable 4AGEs are, guess it’s not the case for me, because I’ve just blown my 2nd 4AGE, in less than a year!

Thing is, I haven’t been driving HARD enough since I first got my 1st blown engine replaced!  Not only have I been taking extra care of it, I haven’t been driving it as much as I did too (was way busy for past couple of months), so this is like super WTF moment for me, I’m so frustrated and I’m pissed!


Engine in trouble…again!

Posted in Car stuff on June 21, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Ever since I got my 4AGE block replaced several months back, I’ve been taking that extra care of it, yet, the problem still returns and bugs me now.

Last 2 days, I drove a few miles to Sibu Jaya for the Saberkas Borneo Eco Hash event, on the way up, I’ve noticed that there’s this little rattling noise coming from the right side of the engine, at first I thought it was that loosen screw which I’ve yet to properly dealt with, so I parked my car at a nearby petrol station and got it temporarily tighten using nothing but my bare hands, no tool FTW!

As soon as I continued on the drive, the rattling noise is still apparent, and to my horror, the water temp was already half way past the optimum level, fortunately I reached the destination just in time for me to shut down the engine and let it cool off, not having any spare time to diagnose the problem, I left it at the parking lot and moved on with the hash with my colleagues.

After the exhausted hash, I got back to my Charmant and nervously started up the engine, it runs fine, and off I went.  But the nightmare continues, as the water temp continues to rise I was yet again forced to stop the car at a nearby petrol station, a 15 minutes rest and I started the drive again, but instead of driving straight back home, I drove to my mechanic in need of urgent help.

I arrived at the shop late, and the mech was about to leave, a brief check on the engine and the 1st thing he noticed was that my throttle sensor socket was unplugged.  We plugged it back in, used some cable tie to make sure it won’t get loose again, and surprisingly, the water temp dropped!  This is just down right… WEIRD!

Anywhooooooo… I was still skeptical on my 4AGE’s condition, so yesterday I called up Johnny (he’s still in Sibu, haha!) and we met up at the old airport runway, after a few slow test drives and a more in depth check on the engine, my worst fear was realized, I ain’t gonna say that I’ve f*cked up another 4AGE just yet since I still need to open up the head to know what exactly happened, since my engine is already spitting white smoke, I do fear for the worst, hopefully the damage is minor.

Gonna send my car to the workshop later, I’m eager to find out what actually caused this to happen, there was absolutely no warnings at all! 😡

Hyundai vs Mini vs Porche

Posted in Cool Stuffs on June 19, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Man, the following two videos from YouTube says it all, check them out yourselves:

I LOL’ed hard at the 1st video, but I LOL’ed even harder after watching Hyundai’s response video (the 2nd vid), man this is too interesting to ignore, I seriously hope there’s more after this, haha!

Epic Short Films

Posted in Cool Stuffs on June 9, 2010 by Stanley Carter

If you’re into console gaming then you should be familiar with these 2 titles: Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Now just a while ago this short little fan made film titled ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’ emerged on YouTube and all hell break loose, despite the fact that it was just FAN MADE, it totally blows all the past Hollywood *crap* SF movies away!  I can never get sick of watching this over and over again:

Now that is HOW a Street Fighter movie should be!

For my next sharing, it’s actually a short film made as some sort of a Proposal to Warner Bros. so that they might get a chance to actually remake it into a full feature length movie, however, compared to the SF: Legacy, the production from this short film is way better, just check this ‘Mortal Kombat: Rebirth’ out yourselves:

I seriously hope WB would consider this short film proposal and actually remake it with such direction, it is simply too epic, and judging by the video responses on YouTube, you can tell this is going to be Super!

Speaking of which, I hope that Tony Jaa would make it into either of these movies, there’s Asian characters in both of these games, and Tony Jaa would be most suitable to play some of the roles, don’t you agree?

My Miri Trip (Johnny’s Wedding)

Posted in Travelling on June 7, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Last week I paid a little visit to Miri to attend the Wedding of Johnny, who is finally becoming a real ‘Man’ as well as a husband for his lovely doctor (Intern) wife, Michelle.

I departed from Sibu on a Bus during late night, although the seat was big, fat and comfy, I wasn’t feeling too good on the idea of doing late night + long distance travels on a bus, what bugged me even more was that there was no seatbelt!  ….I’m just glad I’m still alive, LOL!

Anyways, the trip on the bus wasn’t pleasant, I couldn’t sleep well, and while I tried to restrain myself from drinking too much water, I still felt like I need to pee every short period of time, which was NOT cool at all, the air conditioner in the bus was basically at full blast too, damn!

At 3AM’ish, the Bus finally reached Batu Nia’s rest stop, I was feeling dizzy and sleepy while I slowly made my way to the washroom, after some freshen up and some serious peeing done, I felt a lot better, as soon as I walked out from the washroom, I saw these!

Behold, the Ultraman nemesis, LOL!

Baby Godzilla?

"What ya looking at?"

These 2 dudes have the BLING yo!

I totally missed these fellas on my way to the toilet, haha!  Anyways, I spent a good 10~20 minutes starring at these guys until the driver decided it was time to leave, I haven’t visited Batu Nia in a very long, long time, so this was definitely new to me, cool!

At around 5AM’ish, I finally reached Miri, and truth be told, I was surprised there was no terminal there!  The buses were basically parked in a big open space, totally unexpected if you ask me, heh!  Johnny soon came to fetch me and we’re off to the nearby market for some much needed breakfast.

After breakfast, it was straight to Johnny’s house, it was delightful to re-unite with this legendary ride again:

4AGTE AE86 Trueno Coupe

And Johnny has got some new toys for his little 86 as well:


The 'office'

Johnny’s friends, or so called ‘brothers’ soon arrived one by one, and all of them were driving some real impressive rides too!

Nice JEEP!

This Jeep was later used as a Camera car

Integra Type-R

You can never deny the Type-R goodness!

Then came the coolest car of the day, the Merc CLS500, the wedding ride for Johnny and his wife:

Merc CLS500 front view

Merc CLS500 rear view

Merc CLS500 sideview


Merc CLS500 Interior

The sexyness of this Merc is beyond words can describe, with a price tag of RM1mil, Johnny definitely has one of the sexiest wedding ride in Town!

While the CLS500 was the coolest car on that day, my favorite ride was actually from another car, the BMW M3!

BMW M3 in yo face!

M3 ❤

I absolutely agree!

I was lucky enough to be a passenger of this M3, despite the excitement, the driver, Roger, was pretty much driving..erm.. very civilized on the Miri streets, but who can blame’em, its his best buddy’s Wedding, you ain’t supposed to drive like a hoon on the streets!  Haha!  But I still can’t help but feel a little disappointed for not having the chance to feel the BEASTY M Power… oh well~ 😦

Now lets see some more pics of the actual wedding eh?

Michelle and Johnny

Group photo with Michelle's family members

Coming out of Miri St.John's Church

Welcome to the Club, Johnny! XD

I’m happy for the two of them, congratulations again!  And here’s a little short video that I made for the 2 of them, enjoy:

Now let’s move on to other matters, on the following day, I’ve asked Johnny if he would take me to the Lutong ‘raceway’, and obviously he said Yes, well.. how can he say no? LOL!

Pit area

The empty stage

The old airport runway in Lutong is where the annual Borneo Cup Sprint Drag Race were held, and last weekend just held the 2010 event, I came back to Sibu just a day earlier, but its not like I missed anything I’d really care though, since I’m not that into drag races.

However, Johnny did let me test drive his AE86 on the dragstrip, and man how thing’s have changed since the car was still in Sibu, Johnny made some little tweaks to the car, especially with the additional use of E-Manage, the power delivery from the 4AGTE was a lot smoother, making it such a JOY to rev this little bugger down the long straight!

Johnny's 9 sec car? LOL!

Getting ready for some straight road *yawn* action!

And that wraps it up for my Miri trip, I took MasWing (air flight) on my way back to Sibu, and how glad was I, LOL!  Haven’t done such long post in quite a while though, hopefully it doesn’t bore you guys to death, till next time! ^^