Another fellow Charmant drifter rocking it hard!

I present to you… a guy that I have no idea what his real name is, LOL! (if any of you know this guy, please enlighten me) all I know is, this guy is in my Facebook contact and he runs with the name ‘Charmant Drift‘, and it’s filled with many pictures of his Charmant, from the build process to the drifting shots.  Thing is… I’m not sure if Edgar has already featured this guy before.. well, no harm featuring the same dude twice. ^^

Let’s check out some of the pictures that are available on his Facebook page:

Charmant before and after comparison

Charmant sideways

This Charmant right here is also running on 4AGE, and judging by the looks of it, the driver has no problem with the power issue, respect!  Now check out some of his videos as well!

A track for drifting, a f*ck, how I wish I have 1 of these here in Sibu!


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