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Bintulu <3

Posted in Travelling on May 4, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Last Thursday I traveled to Bintulu for work, found a newly furnished place to stay called ‘Walden Inn’, the place looks sweet.

Small and Cozy

Comfortable queen sized bed

The room that I opt for was the Standard one with window, which cost me RM65 per night only, what’s impressive is that it comes with a queen sized bed, Air-conditioner, a pretty big LCD TV on the wall with remote control and also a heater equipped shower room.

The space is very limited, but it has all the basic stuffs that you need for the 1 night stay.  I must say I wasn’t expecting to be  sleeping in such a cheap, but comfortable room in the middle of Bintulu town, needless to say, I slept well after an exhausting day at work.  I’ll definitely be coming back again to Walden Inn next time!

Speaking of Bintulu, here’s a couple of vids showcasing some Bintulu drift action yo~!

Unfortunately, all the above videos are pretty old, according to a Bintulu friend of mine who used to be into drifting back then, the scene kinda died 1-2 years ago due to the lack of proper venue for practise and the rising attention from the authorities.

I’ve actually seen the old airport runway of Bintulu, and it is a whole lot better compared to Sibu, too bad the town was literally built around it and right beside the airstrip is the Police Station, I heard there was once a souped up Silvia doing some acceleration test at the runway and got pulled in by the Police soon afterwards, now that, truly SUCKED!

Too bad the Bintulu drift scene died, my friend is now into drags, oh the blasphemy! LOL!

Looks like Sarawak drifting scene is not going to grow anytime soon, maybe never?