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Lonely Sunday Morning Drift

Posted in Sibu Drifting on May 2, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Last weekend, it rained for a while, the weather was breezy, perfect for drifting, and since I don’t have any real drifter friends in Sibu, I’ve decided to go have a little fun, by myself, as most of the time!

I had 1 tire that was slightly damaged during my last session in which it is now leaking air, so I’ve decided to pump it up and tear it up for good, I still got a few set of spares anyways.

While I was at it, the Charmant felt great, the wet surface contributed to some real smooth drifts and transitions, this time I focused mainly on Manji’ing down the airstrip straight, and improving my steering work.

After some 10 to 20 minutes of on and off drifting, it’s time to change the f*cked tires and go home…

Charmant tire changing

Used tire, could've abused it more...

The entire session only lasted for a very short while, not more than 30 minutes I think, well that’s how it is when all you get to do is drift alone.

Till next time I guess, in the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep Sibu drifting spirit strong! ^^