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The future of automible sucks, don’t you agree?

Posted in Random on May 31, 2010 by Stanley Carter

One word, hybrids.

This thought has been bugging me for quite some time, and this latest news regarding the delayed + redesign FT-86 for 2013 just killed me!

I know, I know, hybrid is for the better future, we need to protect the Earth and blar blar blar…. but damn, FT-86 in hybrid, that is just WRONG! T_T

The only automaker that still makes decent sport cars is Nissan, thank god for their GTR and then the new 370Z, respect!  Honda?  Their the first to produce the so called hybrid sport CR-Z, such a pussy car if you ask me, and many enthusiasts hated it, I’m no exception.  And for Toyota… aside from their ridiculously priced and super limited LF-A, there’s nothing worth expecting for, plus, who else could afford a LF-A if you ain’t a Sultan or something, anyone sane and had that much money would opt for Ferrari or Lambo, at least that’s what I’m thinking.  LF-A, though a very, very nice Super Car, still makes me wanna vomit, ugh!

JDM aside, what other choices do we have?  I can only think of a few, namely Hyundai, or USDM rides such as the Mustang, which has been receiving great reviews, but I’m not sure how it will be priced in Malaysia.  As for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, I personally think it is the next best thing closest to the Nissan Silvia series, no?

When Toyota first announced the FT-86, I had my eyes set on it and hoped that I could one day afford to buy one, now if the rumored news that I posted above is in fact true, then all my hope is lost, well, I guess the Genesis Coupe could be a pretty cool alternative option.

Seriously, think about it, FR light/midweight sports cars (not super expensive SUPER cars), what other options do we have?  The future for affordable sports car is looking very dim, that’s for sure…

Deep corn FTW!

Posted in Cool Stuffs on May 23, 2010 by Stanley Carter

The black AE70 owner has a deep corn steering but he thinks its crap and had it replaced with a cheapo looking momo-ish wheel.  I offered him RM40 for the deep corn wheel and the deal was made, sweet!

Deep corn steering

I’m not so sure of the wheel’s exact brand, but according to Johnny, he thinks it’s most likely from Elevo, and despite the fact that it’s old, dirty and sticky as hell (I know.. yeeewww!!), I’m loving it, IMO it brings that bit more character to my Charmant.

Me ❤ Deep corns!

On a side note, I visited my usual workshop yesterday and look what I found:


Can you guess what car is this?

Right, it’s a BMW!

Toyota powered BMW

Please ignore the ‘fake’ M3 emblem though… LOL!

As you can see the engine bay is kinda in a mess, that’s because a Microtech is currently being installed, and Johnny is the main tuner for the car, not sure how much he charges for the owner, or he just does it for fre… but I reckon it’s most likely the latter…haha!

Anyways, I’m excited for this ride, although nowadays there’s quite a few beemers roaming Sibu streets, but its not often you see a 1JZ powered BMW, plus it’s running on manual transmission, no automatic bullshit.

Can’t wait to see it get done! ^^

The soon to be drifter wannabe… crashed!

Posted in Sibu Drifting on May 15, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Drift ready Corolla

Remember my earlier post on the Black AE70 that my friend bought last month?  Well, I have bad news, the moment the owner got the car out of his workshop, it crashed.

I didn’t phoned up my friend, but from the SMS that we exchanged, it seemed like my friend was too eager to test drift the car right after it’s free to leave the workshop, bad idea.

“Sorry, I thought drifting wasn’t that hard”

That’s what he said in one of his SMS.

I feel bad for him, yet I’m angered at his stupidity as well.  You spent a hefty amount of money to finally bought a car that you desired, had it fixed and you’ve decided it’s a good idea to try drift it, on the public streets!  The hell?

If you’ve been to Sibu, you know how bad our road conditions are, and some of them are tight, my friend attempted to drift at a small roundabout, once the car started to skid, he panicked and lost control of the car, the AE70 started to snap between directions violently, and finally crashed into oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, the accident was minor, aside from some cosmetic damages to both of the cars, both drivers were fine, my friend was lucky that he get to settle the problem personally with the victim instead of dealing it in the Police station.

He should’ve looked for me in the first place before he considers drifting the car on the streets, causing harm to others.  Without ANY experience at all, he should’ve at least get some practise at my usual playground, where its wide, empty and plenty of runoffs.  I would’ve been so glad to have teach, and share my knowledge, and techniques with him.

Just when I thought my future drift partner is right around the corner, it’s now slipped away again, the car is now back to the workshop once more, and drilling deeper holes to my friend’s wallet…. what more can I say?  Served him right, and hope he learnt his lessons.