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The coolest 350Z in Sibu!

Posted in Car stuff on April 17, 2010 by Stanley Carter

By far the coolest 350Z I’ve seen in Sibu:

Nice 350Z found in Sibu

I saw this Fairlady parked nearby my usual workshop last week when I first spotted the AE70 that I shared earlier, apparently it’s gearbox is having a minor issue and will be diagnosed by another mechanic.  While the car was parking hard, I’ve decided to walk over and take some closer looks of it despite the super hot weather.

One thing that sets aside this 350Z to the rest of the Z you see on the road of Sibu is that… this one is Manual.  And those are real CF skirts and kits (I have to emphasize on this because there’s been WAY TOO many ‘fake’ CF stickers in Sibu cars these days).  Looking hella mint I must say!