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The world is sick.

Posted in Random on April 24, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Natural disasters are EVERYWHERE these days!  Some say 2010 has been the year of Earthquakes, and I hate to agree but it is quite in fact, very true.

Iceland Volcanic ashes problem, new diseases and etc…. and speaking of diseases, my family has been sick for the 2nd week thus far, first it was my wife, then my son, Darren, followed by my Mother, and now me.

Ever since my wife and son got sick, I’ve been spending most of my free time taking care of them as well as visiting clinics.  Many have been sick lately, some say its due to Sibu’s recent unpredictable weather, yet I’m not so sure, but one thing is certain, sickness nowadays simply don’t get cured as easily as it was before anymore, anyone agree?

Since I ain’t feeling too well, it’s obvious I haven’t been spending much time with my Charmant, so no updates on any Sibu dorifuto action, sorry to disappoint.

By spending most of my time at home resting, I resorted to PC games.  I’ve got my faulty Motherboard replaced along with new CPU and RAM earlier this month, and finally upgraded to Windows 7even as well, not only was my frequent bluescreen issues were gone, but I am now able to play more recent games thanks to the newer OS and hardwares.

I’ve just finished Batman: Arkham Asylum last 2 weeks and man was that an AWESOME game!  I’m currently in full pursuit to finish Resident Evil 5, with many other games still in waiting, such as Bad Company 2, Bioshock 2, Modern Warfare 2…

Until I’m fully recovered, PC games and pills will be my best friends for the time being.

The coolest 350Z in Sibu!

Posted in Car stuff on April 17, 2010 by Stanley Carter

By far the coolest 350Z I’ve seen in Sibu:

Nice 350Z found in Sibu

I saw this Fairlady parked nearby my usual workshop last week when I first spotted the AE70 that I shared earlier, apparently it’s gearbox is having a minor issue and will be diagnosed by another mechanic.  While the car was parking hard, I’ve decided to walk over and take some closer looks of it despite the super hot weather.

One thing that sets aside this 350Z to the rest of the Z you see on the road of Sibu is that… this one is Manual.  And those are real CF skirts and kits (I have to emphasize on this because there’s been WAY TOO many ‘fake’ CF stickers in Sibu cars these days).  Looking hella mint I must say!

AE70? TE71?

Posted in Car stuff on April 15, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Whatever the ACTUAL model name is called, this is one Corolla that a friend of mine just bought from Sabah.

Drift ready Corolla

Drift ready Corolla

This friend of mine had caught the drift bug for 2 years (thanks to me, of course, haha!), and he’s been sourcing for a RWD ride for quite a while, and now, he finally got one, but unfortunately, many think that he had paid more than what the car has to offer.  (Nop, I ain’t going to reveal the actual price that he paid for the car)

Rear view

What exhaust is this?

First thing I’ve noticed on the car was the sticker on the front windshield which stated “D1KK”, looks like it’s been through one hell of an abuse from the previous owner, and it’s not hard to notice all the ‘scars’ and rusts throughout the entire body.

The car however does equipped with a 4AGE 16v, and as the previous owner claimed, it has a 2 way LSD in which we have yet to verified.  By the way, these pictures were taken at my usual workshop, the car is going to undergo some minor repairs and upgrades I think.

Toyota 4AGE 16v

Interior view of the ride

The things that I dislike the most on this car has got to be the steering, not that I have a better one in my Charmant, but the fact that the owner decided to replace a concave sparco wheel with this half-assed riced out wheel, is pathetic.  Maybe I can ask if he wanted to give that Sparco to me, for free… LOL!

Another downside of this car is that it still uses STOCK suspensions, with springs cut for the lowered stance, however, it does roll with some decent rims though.

Old school Rim FTW!

Too bad those rims aren’t in good shape, which I assumed is caused by previous drift abuses, hehe.  I do wonder how these would look on the Charmant though? 😛

Anyways, I can’t wait to see this car getting sideways, my only hope is that my friend won’t just be another poser who works on this car like forever just to get it in better shape (to be honest, this car REALLY does need some help on the body) and never drives it that much.  We’ll see…