When you’re too lazy to change your tires after a drift session and thought that you can still make it to a Gas station… this might just happen:


I was lucky I actually MADE it to the Gas station despite on the fact that my I can feel that one of my rear wheels is trembling, I’d knew my tire was dead flat, I slowly crawled to a halt in the Gas station, ignorantly parked at an inconvenience spot and had to explain to the staff of my situation when they’re about to call me off.

Full story, here goes, I called up a couple of friends for a mini drift session at my usual playground, after several minutes past, we took rest, then I noticed that one of my rear tire is losing air, being a lazy*ss as I was, I thought I can still make it to a nearby Gas station and pump it up, then return for more drifts till I can blow it up for good, but just when I was like 20m away from reaching the Gas station, the tire gave way, leaving my Charmant crawling on the rim only… I know, ouch!

What’s worse was that I left all my tools and spare tires at the playground, I was lucky I called up some friends, so I called them to carry those stuffs over while I continued to cause more inconvenience to the station workers, haha!

Anyways, after my tire was changed, we headed back for more drifting, but since I was still the only one drifting, I got bored pretty fast, this is the downside of not having any companions in the sport that you love, you don’t get much motivation to keep going, enthusiasm fail indeed.  Sigh!

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