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New car in the Family

Posted in Car stuff on March 12, 2010 by Stanley Carter

My dad just bought himself a Kia Forte.

Dad's Forte ready to roll off the showroom floors

There’s quite a story before the purchase though, my dad initially wanted to get the new Vios, which IMHO is absolutely butt UGLY, as a son, I have the responsibility to prevent my dad from making such a miserable mistake in his life, and therefore, I introduced the new Kia Forte upon him, which he didn’t really appreciate in the first place.

My Dad doing the final checks on the car before driving off.

Just like many other Sibu citizens, my dad still thinks that Korean cars suck, well he was right, Korea cars do suck, but those were the past, while Proton is still sucking as always, Korean companies such as Hyundai and Kia have been releasing much better cars that have surprised many of us, and they’re getting positive reviews throughout the world.

Failing to convinced my dad to even have a peek on the Forte, I was disappointed, every time I think of the picture of the new butt ugly Vios parked in the house, I’d went nuts, and it was also the only motivation that kept me trying to convince my Dad… in making the RIGHT decision… LOL!

Installing the new plates

And so one day, a test drive unit from Kuching arrived Sibu, but only for 3 days, it was an opportunity that I cannot miss, I approached my dad once again, and luck was on my side, or maybe my dad just had a better mood that day… he agreed to follow me to check out the new Forte, yes!

The first impression I’ve heard from my dad when he first laid his eyes on the Forte was that the it doesn’t look as good as the Vios, well… obviously my Dad has a malfunctioned sense of his own.. but anyways, we continued to explore the car up close, and then test drove the car around the Sibu streets.

I’ll cut the story short, after the test drive, my dad was literally hooked with the car, not because it was a BETTER car to the Vios, but it was also CHEAPER, and that was a big selling point to my dad, and to my delight, my dad was SOLD!

After 2 months passed, I finally followed my dad to the nearest Kia showroom to receive his new ride for the family, the first and also the only one, in Sibu, so far:

Forte, the new addition to the Family

Well done dad, you’ve made the right choice! LOL!