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GTR BlitZ RWD Conversion

Posted in Car stuff on March 28, 2010 by Stanley Carter

You’ve all heard and seen previews on the possibility of a D1 Spec GTR for Nomura Ken for this year’s D1 season, but this has to be the first video that I’ve seen that actually talks about the build of this project, none other by the main BlitZ tech guy himself of course:

This looks extremely promising, even though Nomura is still driving his old Skyline in this week’s Tokyo Drift at Odaiba:

Blitz Skyline

However, I’m really looking forward in seeing the debut of the GTR drifter, can’t wait to see the big surprise from Nomura and BlitZ!  Hopefully they won’t kept us waiting for too long though~ ^_^

R/C Drifting at its Best!

Posted in Random on March 25, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Stumbled upon this real cool video on YouTube, showcasing R/C cars drifting.

There are several highlights in this video, first is the S15 with it’s lambo doors + a dummy driver that actually moves with the steering!  And then there are the drift trains, with many other cool looking R/C drift cars showing it off sideways, and getting huge angles around the mini track, so entertaining!

The only downside is the video quality, kinda gave me the headache.


Posted in Sibu Drifting on March 24, 2010 by Stanley Carter

When you’re too lazy to change your tires after a drift session and thought that you can still make it to a Gas station… this might just happen:


I was lucky I actually MADE it to the Gas station despite on the fact that my I can feel that one of my rear wheels is trembling, I’d knew my tire was dead flat, I slowly crawled to a halt in the Gas station, ignorantly parked at an inconvenience spot and had to explain to the staff of my situation when they’re about to call me off.

Full story, here goes, I called up a couple of friends for a mini drift session at my usual playground, after several minutes past, we took rest, then I noticed that one of my rear tire is losing air, being a lazy*ss as I was, I thought I can still make it to a nearby Gas station and pump it up, then return for more drifts till I can blow it up for good, but just when I was like 20m away from reaching the Gas station, the tire gave way, leaving my Charmant crawling on the rim only… I know, ouch!

What’s worse was that I left all my tools and spare tires at the playground, I was lucky I called up some friends, so I called them to carry those stuffs over while I continued to cause more inconvenience to the station workers, haha!

Anyways, after my tire was changed, we headed back for more drifting, but since I was still the only one drifting, I got bored pretty fast, this is the downside of not having any companions in the sport that you love, you don’t get much motivation to keep going, enthusiasm fail indeed.  Sigh!

My Favorite Drift Drivers…

Posted in Random on March 16, 2010 by Stanley Carter

..are Nobuteru Taneguchi, Manabu Orido and Yasuyuki Kazama…

However, I’m not here to talk about how awesome these 3 drivers are, I’m here to share 2 videos I’ve found on YouTube yesterday, which I thought are real cool, check’em out!

First, Orido drifting his D1-spec Aristo with other D1 drivers, the video emphasizes on his footwork, cool shit!

And second, it’s not much, but it showcases NOB’s personal street driven 180sx, very CLEAN and purposeful, me likes a lot!

Don’t you just love YouTube?  I think it’s the next best thing after Google, it’s amazing how much content you can find and watch thanks to YouTube though.  ^^

DCM Fanboyism

Posted in Car stuff on March 15, 2010 by Stanley Carter

I admit, I’m a fan to anything DCM related, I’ve purchased most of the merchandises released throughout the years, and now for the latest addition to my collection, the new DCM roadtax stickers!

DCM roadtax stickers

I’ve bought 3 of them, 1 will go to my daily driver, Viva, another will go to my drifter, the Charmant, and the last one will go to…

DCM roadtax sticker being put to good use.

..My dad’s new Kia Forte of course, hehe!

Btw, yesterday while I was on the road, I spotted this Van on the road…

Stranded Van on the streets

If you look closer, you can spot the broken driveshaft underneath the Van, first thing that came to my mind was… this Van must be rolling with some serious power under that hood… LOL!

New car in the Family

Posted in Car stuff on March 12, 2010 by Stanley Carter

My dad just bought himself a Kia Forte.

Dad's Forte ready to roll off the showroom floors

There’s quite a story before the purchase though, my dad initially wanted to get the new Vios, which IMHO is absolutely butt UGLY, as a son, I have the responsibility to prevent my dad from making such a miserable mistake in his life, and therefore, I introduced the new Kia Forte upon him, which he didn’t really appreciate in the first place.

My Dad doing the final checks on the car before driving off.

Just like many other Sibu citizens, my dad still thinks that Korean cars suck, well he was right, Korea cars do suck, but those were the past, while Proton is still sucking as always, Korean companies such as Hyundai and Kia have been releasing much better cars that have surprised many of us, and they’re getting positive reviews throughout the world.

Failing to convinced my dad to even have a peek on the Forte, I was disappointed, every time I think of the picture of the new butt ugly Vios parked in the house, I’d went nuts, and it was also the only motivation that kept me trying to convince my Dad… in making the RIGHT decision… LOL!

Installing the new plates

And so one day, a test drive unit from Kuching arrived Sibu, but only for 3 days, it was an opportunity that I cannot miss, I approached my dad once again, and luck was on my side, or maybe my dad just had a better mood that day… he agreed to follow me to check out the new Forte, yes!

The first impression I’ve heard from my dad when he first laid his eyes on the Forte was that the it doesn’t look as good as the Vios, well… obviously my Dad has a malfunctioned sense of his own.. but anyways, we continued to explore the car up close, and then test drove the car around the Sibu streets.

I’ll cut the story short, after the test drive, my dad was literally hooked with the car, not because it was a BETTER car to the Vios, but it was also CHEAPER, and that was a big selling point to my dad, and to my delight, my dad was SOLD!

After 2 months passed, I finally followed my dad to the nearest Kia showroom to receive his new ride for the family, the first and also the only one, in Sibu, so far:

Forte, the new addition to the Family

Well done dad, you’ve made the right choice! LOL!

Sibu Car Spotting – March 2010

Posted in Car stuff on March 10, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Let’s check out some of the cooler rides I’ve encountered for the past 2 months on the Sibu streets…

Toyota Supra MKII

Spotted this MKII while I was at Wisma Sanyan looking for a place to park, judging by the wheels and offset its running, I’m assuming it could be running a JZ engine under its hood, and the paint and body is looking hella mint, which also means it could’ve just rolled out from the workshop or something, now if only I know where to get in touch with the owner….

Mazda RX-7 FC3S

Mazda RX-7 FC3S

So cool… it’s a seven, it’s Rotary, and it’s in White, one of my dream cars back then, when I was very, very young…LOL!

GTT 34 Skyline

Whoa… stickers frenzy!  I don’t know the owner, and I didn’t took this photo either, picture was taken from another forum, and although I don’t know much about this car, somehow I just don’t think this Skyline actually HAS all that parts in his car, I strongly suspect the owner just went sticker happy on his omg Skyline, one thing I can be sure of… this car is automatic (yes, I peeked through it’s window before), ROFL!!

I save the best for last….

Proton Wira

Just another typical Sibu ‘Ah Beng’ modding style, what happens when you can’t get a proper diffuser for your car?  You just paint your rear bumper like it has one!  XD