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Go slow, +1jj

Posted in Car stuff on February 12, 2010 by Stanley Carter

I’m currently using a cracked 14″x6jj rims on front with 185/60/R14 tires fitted, on the rear I’m using pathetic 13″x5jj pussy rims from Nissan (not sure which vehicle), but I got them dirt cheap, since I wanted to replace my steel rims back then.

Charmant side view

A while back I mentioned about the 13″x7jj rims that my wife’s brother owned, with teh luck’s advise, I went and look for acorn nuts and decided to test fit the rim again, unfortunately it wasn’t just the nut, but my studs are just too short for the rim…

13" 7J Mangkuk Rim

Never knew such rims would require longer studs, I can actually go buy some longer studs and get those rims fitted, but the fact that those rims aren’t exactly mine… well, let’s save the hassle~

Few days ago I went and visit Ah Lung’s house again which I’ve featured in a post last year, and then I saw the Enkei 8jj wide 13″ are still there, I asked if he intends to sell them (now I have teh moneyzzz!!), but he refused since he has decided to have them fitted on his Mini once the interior is fixed, sorry no pics here (forgot to take’em!)

Enkei 8jj

Then I walked deeper into his garage and noticed the other rim that I’ve noticed back then, an unknown 13″x6jj but 0+ offset rim lying on the floor:

13x6jj rim

I wasn’t that much interested in it but I’ve decided to asked Ah Lung how much would he sell those, then he told me a price which I thought was also, dirt cheap!  The cheapskate in me was very tempted, I know it still looks like a pussy rim to many of you, but IMO it would’ve looked much better compared to my current 13″x5jj at the back, LOL!

And so I’ve told Ah Lung to reserve the rims for me (he already posted them up on Mudah for quite a while, but no responses yet), I’ll be visiting him very soon and will be doing 1 last test fitting before I actually buy them, for real!

Prepping the Family Car for CNY

Posted in Personal on February 11, 2010 by Stanley Carter

I’ve been driving my Viva for 3 years without any tire change, hardcore!

Either the tires are holding up ‘that’ well, or its just me with my 1337 skills keeping it in 1 piece on the ever so treacherous roads of Sibu, LOL!

Anyways, since its a family ride, my wife will drive it sometimes, so just to be safe, I visited a tire shop to have my rear and front tires swapped.

Viva tire swap

The front tires don’t have much treads left, but still usable for the rear, while the rear tires are still in good condition.  While the worker was unloading my left rear tire, we discovered this:


…. Well nothing can’t be fixed anyways, after the tire was patched and balanced, Viva is all set and ready for CNY!  (More importantly, no more complains from me wife!)

And btw, I should seriously get myself a new shoe, since my current one is barely in 1 piece …


XD…. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year to all! ^^

Those rims won’t fit!

Posted in Car stuff on February 1, 2010 by Stanley Carter

13" 7J Mangkuk Rim

This set of rims belong to my wife’s younger brother, which he bought from Sarikei at merely RM200!  However, since he hadn’t got them installed on his AE70, I’ve decided to borrow them for a while (hehe), went to a tyre shop and try to get them fitted onto my Charmant, but FAILED!


The holes of the rim is a lot deeper than I thought, when the rim was fitted, my studs have very little room left for the nuts, not only so, it seems as though the diameter of the holes are slightly bigger as well, as there’s a pretty big gap between my studs with the holes!

Unfortunately, I assumed this just ain’t the usual Mangkuk styled rims where you can simply bolt on, as my wife’s younger bro stated, these rims were previously fitted on a Van, not sure if Vans have different rim types as compared to normal road cars…

Anyhow, to end this post, I’m gonna share a picture I took this afternoon:

Nice parking, dumbass!

…What inconsiderate and ignorant FUCKTARD would park like this?  Only in Sibu alright…  😡