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Barely in 1 piece…

Posted in Car stuff on February 23, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Bummer… my windscreen wiper toggle switch is broken!

Windscreen wiper switch

Broken switch

My turn signal switch were already broken since last year, and now the windscreen wiper switch gave way too, sucks… whenever I wanna switch on the wipers, I have to literally push the stick inwards, probably need to adjust around just to get the wipers going, yep, it’s now fully manual!

Since we’re on the topic of broken stuffs, let me show you some pictures I snapped while I was in my cockpit…

Cracked airvent

Cracked dashboard

As you can see, my dashboard is pretty much f*cked, with cracks everywhere, not much I can do but to use as much tape possible to savor the remains of it, like my glove box for example:

Tape ftw!

If it weren’t for the tapes, my glove box cover would simply drop off, you can see that another mini box cover on the right is missing, I placed a small layer of tape so I can still put some random stuffs in it.  So what do I put in my glove box?

Glove box + Racing gloves

My racing gloves of course… LOL!