Charmant drifting in Fuji Driftland

.. along with a bunch of AE86s, in the wet yo!

You can spot the Charmant starting 0.35 onwards, I assume it’s running a 4AGE as well.

Thanks to Tomiya for spotting the video and sharing it to me!

2 Responses to “Charmant drifting in Fuji Driftland”

  1. charmant FTW!
    nice find there. dents and scrapes all over that charmant’s body panels. i guess drifting and smooth panels don’t get along very well.
    *preparing myself for future dents on my charmant*

  2. Edgar: Well it depends on how seriously you are in drifting, take me as an example, I’m the only drifter in my town, so I don’t have any competition to get me pushing, and I always picked the safest road or widest area to practise my drift, needless to say, I don’t have cars to bang into, no curbs to ride on, and no walls to crash into. If you’re in a similar state as I am, rest assured, your Charmant will be pretty safe… I hope, LOL!

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