FT-86 goodness!

FT-86 is still far from reality, so for those of us who are big fans of the legendary AE86, why not feast our eyes on some photochop FT-86 goodness, shall we?

FT-86 chop 1

FT-86 Chop 2

Looks cool as hell in Black!

How about some love from RPF-1?

I love this color!

Hot, simply too HAWT!!

My Favourite - Panda FT-86!

Let’s have a look at the car when it’s in motion!

FT-86 kicking it sideways!

D1-spec FT-86!?

All the above photochop pictures are taken from the FT-86 forums, go there and check them out yourselves!

You can find even more crazy chopped FT-86s at FT-86 Club forums.

Absolutely fun stuff!

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