The Drift Surgeon is in Sibu!

Louis and his family came by Sibu last Tuesday, I was excited, but I wasn’t able to go meet him immediately till last night, where I picked him up at RH Hotel at 8:30pm and went straight to the town square parking lot.

Aside from getting re-acquainted  with an old friend, more importantly, it was also the perfect opportunity to let him have a good look at my Charmant!  The last time he saw my Charmant, it was bone stock, automatic and rust infected, LOL!

Apart from the engine block and the exhaust, the rests are still the same, which all came from Louis’s old TE72.  After a quick chat, Louis asked if he can take my Charmant for a little test drive, it was a YES definitely.

Since we were at one of the busiest part of Sibu town, Louis didn’t get to push my Charmant as hard as he intended to, the fact that my brake booster isn’t working as good anymore also didn’t help much either, haha!

Anyhow, it was great getting to see Louis again, and I was really glad to have him driven my Charmant, certainly means a lot to me, since he’s the guy that made my drift spec Charmant possible in the first place.

Louis and his family are currently driving down Kuching and they’ll be flying back to W.Malaysia soon, best of luck and Happy CNY to him and his family, let’s hope we will be meeting up soon in the near future!

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