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Breaking the law for 3 months!

Posted in Car stuff on February 17, 2010 by Stanley Carter


As I was digging through my wallet this morning, I noticed that I didn’t have my driving license with me, I started to search deeper, and to my horror, it wasn’t there, I couldn’t recall where I’ve placed it, but I do know that this is a new wallet in which my wife gave me last September, I quickly phoned home and asked my mom to search my drawer, fortunately, she found it, but then came my 2nd surprise when my mom told me it was already long expired, back in November 2009!

Let’s see, for the last couple of months, I have been driving all around Sibu town without a driving license, to make it worse, it’s also expired!  I can not deny on the fact that I have been pretty lucky as I’ve yet to encounter any road blocks, phew!  Just imagine what would’ve been the outcome if I was caught drifting without a driving license…. *gulp*!

Anyways, since I’m stuck in office, I’ve to ask my sister to pay a visit to JPJ to have my driving license renewed, good thing about Sibu is that everywhere is nearby for such a small town, and my driving license was soon renewed for another good 5 years in just 30 minutes, big thanks to my sis of course.

With that said, I’ve seen some weird and cool rides these days, let’s start with a cool one, the first ever Supra in sibu:

Blue Supra

Blue Supra

I’ve been hearing a lot about this car, but never really got the chance to see it myself, I was glad I finally got the chance to see it in a flesh, though from a distance, didn’t really dare to move closer as you never knew what the owner is like… but I’m definitely hearting his Speedhunters sticker, definitely not genuine as I’m pretty sure Speedhunters don’t produce stickers at that size.

Next up, a F&F wannabe Proton Wira:

F&F Wira

…. LOL~!