Happy Valentines 2010!

This year’s Valentines is special, simply because it happened on the 1st day of CNY, many decided to celebrate on this prosperous day, but I chose not, as I think we should be pretty busy visiting houses and enjoying the new year mood, plus, I never liked any of those overly expensive “Valentines Special menu” been offered in many restaurants, so what did I do this year?

First, me and my wife had our Valentine’s dinner a week earlier, we went to Cafe Cafe and had an awesome meal with less than RM40, we enjoyed it.

But it did not end there, week past and it’s Saturday, which is my wife’s last day at work before coming home for CNY, so I gave her another surprise, I purchased some flowers and chocolates few days earlier and had them sent to her office Saturday morning, needless to say, she was really happy, and the best part was, all her other colleagues did not received any flowers, except her, so that made her feel even more special.  Yep, she loves me more now, LOL!

Flowers + Chocolates

I still got my Romance going alright…. hehe~

3 Responses to “Happy Valentines 2010!”

  1. Wah! So romantic still! Didn’t take her out dinner? RM199 a couple at Cafe2…and RM299 per couple at Queen! *pengsan!!! LOL!!!

  2. STP: Haha we had our dinner a week earlier, don’t wanna spend that much on foods that we might not even enjoy, LOL!

  3. […] the point as I’ve already celebrated my Valentines last week.  Like I’ve mentioned before, me and my wife are not a fan of the ridiculously priced dinner sets, and so we went to Cafe Cafe […]

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