Prepping the Family Car for CNY

I’ve been driving my Viva for 3 years without any tire change, hardcore!

Either the tires are holding up ‘that’ well, or its just me with my 1337 skills keeping it in 1 piece on the ever so treacherous roads of Sibu, LOL!

Anyways, since its a family ride, my wife will drive it sometimes, so just to be safe, I visited a tire shop to have my rear and front tires swapped.

Viva tire swap

The front tires don’t have much treads left, but still usable for the rear, while the rear tires are still in good condition.  While the worker was unloading my left rear tire, we discovered this:


…. Well nothing can’t be fixed anyways, after the tire was patched and balanced, Viva is all set and ready for CNY!  (More importantly, no more complains from me wife!)

And btw, I should seriously get myself a new shoe, since my current one is barely in 1 piece …


XD…. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year to all! ^^

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