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Those rims won’t fit!

Posted in Car stuff on February 1, 2010 by Stanley Carter

13" 7J Mangkuk Rim

This set of rims belong to my wife’s younger brother, which he bought from Sarikei at merely RM200!  However, since he hadn’t got them installed on his AE70, I’ve decided to borrow them for a while (hehe), went to a tyre shop and try to get them fitted onto my Charmant, but FAILED!


The holes of the rim is a lot deeper than I thought, when the rim was fitted, my studs have very little room left for the nuts, not only so, it seems as though the diameter of the holes are slightly bigger as well, as there’s a pretty big gap between my studs with the holes!

Unfortunately, I assumed this just ain’t the usual Mangkuk styled rims where you can simply bolt on, as my wife’s younger bro stated, these rims were previously fitted on a Van, not sure if Vans have different rim types as compared to normal road cars…

Anyhow, to end this post, I’m gonna share a picture I took this afternoon:

Nice parking, dumbass!

…What inconsiderate and ignorant FUCKTARD would park like this?  Only in Sibu alright…  😡