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Barely in 1 piece…

Posted in Car stuff on February 23, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Bummer… my windscreen wiper toggle switch is broken!

Windscreen wiper switch

Broken switch

My turn signal switch were already broken since last year, and now the windscreen wiper switch gave way too, sucks… whenever I wanna switch on the wipers, I have to literally push the stick inwards, probably need to adjust around just to get the wipers going, yep, it’s now fully manual!

Since we’re on the topic of broken stuffs, let me show you some pictures I snapped while I was in my cockpit…

Cracked airvent

Cracked dashboard

As you can see, my dashboard is pretty much f*cked, with cracks everywhere, not much I can do but to use as much tape possible to savor the remains of it, like my glove box for example:

Tape ftw!

If it weren’t for the tapes, my glove box cover would simply drop off, you can see that another mini box cover on the right is missing, I placed a small layer of tape so I can still put some random stuffs in it.  So what do I put in my glove box?

Glove box + Racing gloves

My racing gloves of course… LOL!

Charmant drifting in Fuji Driftland

Posted in Car stuff on February 22, 2010 by Stanley Carter

.. along with a bunch of AE86s, in the wet yo!

You can spot the Charmant starting 0.35 onwards, I assume it’s running a 4AGE as well.

Thanks to Tomiya for spotting the video and sharing it to me!

FT-86 goodness!

Posted in Car stuff on February 19, 2010 by Stanley Carter

FT-86 is still far from reality, so for those of us who are big fans of the legendary AE86, why not feast our eyes on some photochop FT-86 goodness, shall we?

FT-86 chop 1

FT-86 Chop 2

Looks cool as hell in Black!

How about some love from RPF-1?

I love this color!

Hot, simply too HAWT!!

My Favourite - Panda FT-86!

Let’s have a look at the car when it’s in motion!

FT-86 kicking it sideways!

D1-spec FT-86!?

All the above photochop pictures are taken from the FT-86 forums, go there and check them out yourselves!

You can find even more crazy chopped FT-86s at FT-86 Club forums.

Absolutely fun stuff!

The Drift Surgeon is in Sibu!

Posted in Personal on February 18, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Louis and his family came by Sibu last Tuesday, I was excited, but I wasn’t able to go meet him immediately till last night, where I picked him up at RH Hotel at 8:30pm and went straight to the town square parking lot.

Aside from getting re-acquainted  with an old friend, more importantly, it was also the perfect opportunity to let him have a good look at my Charmant!  The last time he saw my Charmant, it was bone stock, automatic and rust infected, LOL!

Apart from the engine block and the exhaust, the rests are still the same, which all came from Louis’s old TE72.  After a quick chat, Louis asked if he can take my Charmant for a little test drive, it was a YES definitely.

Since we were at one of the busiest part of Sibu town, Louis didn’t get to push my Charmant as hard as he intended to, the fact that my brake booster isn’t working as good anymore also didn’t help much either, haha!

Anyhow, it was great getting to see Louis again, and I was really glad to have him driven my Charmant, certainly means a lot to me, since he’s the guy that made my drift spec Charmant possible in the first place.

Louis and his family are currently driving down Kuching and they’ll be flying back to W.Malaysia soon, best of luck and Happy CNY to him and his family, let’s hope we will be meeting up soon in the near future!

Breaking the law for 3 months!

Posted in Car stuff on February 17, 2010 by Stanley Carter


As I was digging through my wallet this morning, I noticed that I didn’t have my driving license with me, I started to search deeper, and to my horror, it wasn’t there, I couldn’t recall where I’ve placed it, but I do know that this is a new wallet in which my wife gave me last September, I quickly phoned home and asked my mom to search my drawer, fortunately, she found it, but then came my 2nd surprise when my mom told me it was already long expired, back in November 2009!

Let’s see, for the last couple of months, I have been driving all around Sibu town without a driving license, to make it worse, it’s also expired!  I can not deny on the fact that I have been pretty lucky as I’ve yet to encounter any road blocks, phew!  Just imagine what would’ve been the outcome if I was caught drifting without a driving license…. *gulp*!

Anyways, since I’m stuck in office, I’ve to ask my sister to pay a visit to JPJ to have my driving license renewed, good thing about Sibu is that everywhere is nearby for such a small town, and my driving license was soon renewed for another good 5 years in just 30 minutes, big thanks to my sis of course.

With that said, I’ve seen some weird and cool rides these days, let’s start with a cool one, the first ever Supra in sibu:

Blue Supra

Blue Supra

I’ve been hearing a lot about this car, but never really got the chance to see it myself, I was glad I finally got the chance to see it in a flesh, though from a distance, didn’t really dare to move closer as you never knew what the owner is like… but I’m definitely hearting his Speedhunters sticker, definitely not genuine as I’m pretty sure Speedhunters don’t produce stickers at that size.

Next up, a F&F wannabe Proton Wira:

F&F Wira

…. LOL~!

Happy Valentines 2010!

Posted in Personal with tags on February 15, 2010 by Stanley Carter

This year’s Valentines is special, simply because it happened on the 1st day of CNY, many decided to celebrate on this prosperous day, but I chose not, as I think we should be pretty busy visiting houses and enjoying the new year mood, plus, I never liked any of those overly expensive “Valentines Special menu” been offered in many restaurants, so what did I do this year?

First, me and my wife had our Valentine’s dinner a week earlier, we went to Cafe Cafe and had an awesome meal with less than RM40, we enjoyed it.

But it did not end there, week past and it’s Saturday, which is my wife’s last day at work before coming home for CNY, so I gave her another surprise, I purchased some flowers and chocolates few days earlier and had them sent to her office Saturday morning, needless to say, she was really happy, and the best part was, all her other colleagues did not received any flowers, except her, so that made her feel even more special.  Yep, she loves me more now, LOL!

Flowers + Chocolates

I still got my Romance going alright…. hehe~

HuH’s KE70 from JDMST

Posted in Car stuff on February 13, 2010 by Stanley Carter

Just another day of browsing Speedhunters, then I browsed through the links on the site, and found this:

HuH's KE70

HuH's KE70

HuH's KE70

It looks absolutely gorgeous, looking at this ride at an early Saturday morning sure brighten up my mood!  *Sluuurrrrp*

For more pictures of this car as well as an interview with the owner, go here: LINK