Charmant’s long awaited service!

Yep, finally my salary is in with the extra performance bonus, which means I finally got some extra cash to spend on my poor Charmant, first thing’s first, Engine oil change!

Getting my Engine Oil changed

Also got my oil filter changed, however, Gearbox and LSD oil will have to wait a couple more months.  While I was there at the workshop, I was trying to look for the Tanabe exhaust that was scattered on the floor but it was no where to be found, I asked the guy and he said it was sold several weeks back, damn!  Guess I was too late.

Although I didn’t get to have the exhaust that I desired, there is another cheaper alternative:

Local made exhaust

Not much info on this exhaust, apart from the fact that it is locally made and was previously fitted on a 4AGE powered AE90, though not as good as the Tanabe exhaust I was looking for, it is still better than my current crappy exhaust, which is causing way too much noise!  This exhaust right here will suit my needs just fine.

I then bought the exhaust at a very cheap price and headed straight to a weld shop to get my exhaust replaced:

Tong Seng Welding Shop

As recommended by my mechanic, I paid a visit to “Tong Seng” Welding Shop to get the job done, fortunately there weren’t many customers around so they started working on my car straightaway.


First the welder performed an “agak-agak” style of measurements of the exhaust to be installed…

Old exhaust

Then he cuts the old exhaust off…

Fitting of new exhaust

Welding the new exhaust

The weld... *cough*...

Erm… not so sure about his welding skills though, but at least he got it done…and he’s hardcore for welding with his Sun Glasses on instead of a proper protective mask!

New exhaust finally installed!

Though the new exhaust tip is smaller than my previous one, but at least it now has a proper muffler, my car doesn’t sound as noisy as before, it sounded smoother and way more CIVILIZED!  LOL!  I’m sure my neighbor SuiTuaPui would be glad, LOL!

The new exhaust looks shiny too, I don’t need a bigass exhaust with thundering sounds, hey, I’m only rolling with a stock 4AGE 16v, this exhaust will do the job fine for the time being, now I can finally give my Charmant a lot more gas on the road without worrying of annoying the hell outta other drivers.

4AGE serviced, Exhaust changed, next stop, stocking up spare tires:

Spare tyres

Now I’m all set for more drifting action, bwahahahahahha!!!

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