Waiting for Cash in!

I’ve been busy doing part time projects to earn some extra cash, but the progress is time consuming, and its slow, worse is that I still haven’t see my money yet, so I’m pretty much tired for all the hard work and time I’ve spent for the past couple of months, when I’m done with this, I seriously need to get some rest.

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, even when my money comes in, there wouldn’t be much left either, man… how I wish I can just spend all I want on my Charmant, and speaking of Charmant, it needs an oil change very, very soon.

I’ll need to source some more spare tyres as well, haven’t been drifting for almost a month, I gotta drift soon to release the stress.

Let’s just see if I still have any money left after CNY so I can finally get my exhaust changed.

Busy times, sorry for the lack of updates, not much happening really.

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