Spreading the Drifting Bug!

Drift!  Finally, it’s been so long since I’ve last burnt any rubbers.

My good friend, Luke, from Bintulu came down to Sibu last weekend for a 3 days trip, and he asked if there’s going to be any drift session happening, how could I said no?  Regardless on the fact that there’s only 1 drifter that’s going to drift anyways… yeah.. that’s me! LOL!

So we agreed to meet up at my usual playground on Sunday 3pm, prior to the meet, I’ve also called a couple of friends to join, 1 of them works in Proton and drives an old school Corona with weber setup, and another is a teacher who drives a 1JZ mark II, as well as a Toyota Crown which was bought recently:

Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown

Both of these guys seem to be pretty interested in drifting, and I hope to make them catch up with the drifting bug as soon as possible, since I got pretty tired of playing alone most of the time.

At 3pm, all of us met up at the place, and after I’ve took out all the junks and tires from my Charmant, I went straight into drifting mode!

The weather of the day was hot, and due to my current tight budget, I’ve only got 1 set of spare tires to play with, so the drifting ended pretty early.

Luke from Bintulu drove all the way to Sibu in his nice 1JZ Cresta:

Luke's 1JZ Cresta

Clean and Tidy!

Being a mechanic himself, he sure did a neat job in the engine bay.  Aside from the clean engine bay, the 1JZ is also running real smooth, which makes it a very comfortable ride, I can testify to that since I’ve sat in this car before, the only downside is that its still running automatic transmission, and there’s no LSD, so not much fun can be done out of this car, yet….

Chit Chatting

Sorry for the lack of pictures, the Corona guy didn’t drove his Corona, instead he drove his turbo Satria to the spot, and the teacher drove his Crown instead of his 1JZ mark II, and I’m sure most of you are kinda sick and tired of watching my Charmant, haha!  Luke actually recorded some videos using his handphone, but I haven’t got those from him.

Back to my car, due to higher compression, my car’s power has slightly increased, but due to the bumpy surface of the area, one of my fuel injector socket came loose, and the car will simply stalled on the spot, everytime this happens, I had to pop up the hood and push the socket back into place again, this went on for like 2-3 times, very annoying, will need to have those fixed.

The day ended without much drama, except for 2 very badly damaged tires, yay!

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  1. don’t you think it’s time for some update, eh Stanley? lol

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