The ‘Dog’ project is looking very promising!

Many months ago, I featured Edgar’s Charmant from Indonesia, back then the car just started its body restoration at a bodyshop, after an agonizing 1/2 year passed (I feel your pain, Edgar, it’s a LOOONG wait!), the workshop finally done with the body and started the painting process, and honestly, I think Edgar picked one helluva sexy paint there!

Here’s some progress shots taken from his blog:

Edgar's 'Dog'

Edgar's 'Dog'

Edgar's 'Dog'

Now I hope the workshop guys can get their acts together and get it done ALREADY, cause I’ve been eager to see that 4AGE in the ‘Dog’ so badly, this Charmant is going to be the bomb, since it’ll be rocking with these sexy babies:

OG Old School 15x8

Jealous!?  Hell yes I am! LOL!

For more details, you can drop by his blog to read more:

2 Responses to “The ‘Dog’ project is looking very promising!”

  1. really,, really gud job
    keep posting

  2. i was jealous as well bro lol, great blog, another favorite of mine as well as Edgars and Mouwts tread on ae86irl

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