My personal picks on the Speedhunter Awards 2009

December is definitely a very busy month for me, and there’s more to come!

Anyhow, I thought I might as well squeeze in a little post about what my personal picks are on the Speedhunter Awards 2009, here goes!

Street Drift Car of the Year

My pick goes to the ‘Spirant’ 180sx.

Spirant 180sx

Many favorites in this category, and it’s not easy to pick the best, but IMHO, Spirant 180sx is too hard to ignore, it definitely deserves to be the best Street Drift car in my book.

Time Attack Car of the Year

My pick goes to the Cyber Evo.

Cyber Evo

Fairly easy pick for me, since this is however, the fastest car amongst that list.

Stance of the Year

My pick for the Best Stance goes to Joel Hedges Onevia from C’s Garage:

Joel Hedges Onevia

Again, there are many nice cars in this category, the reason I picked Joel’s Onevia over others is simple, it looks CLEAN, and that really matters as I really dig the clean look.  Most importantly, with that insane stance, the car is still driven hard during trackdays, function over form = Win!

Retro of the Year

My pick goes to Grant Scott’s KE70.

Grant Scott's KE70

I always dreamt that one day, my Charmant will look as good as this, man, soooo sexy!

Professional Drift Car of the Year

My pick goes to Kawabata’s 180sx.

Kawabata's 180sx

If you’ve seen the youtube video in which Kawabata made an insane backwards entry on one of the D1GP rounds, you’ll understand why I’d pick this as the best Professional Drift Car of the Year!  Angles baby, angles!

Best New Car of the Year

My pick goes to the Toyota FT-86.

Toyota FT-86

Forget about the LF-A, that car is beyond expensive and its ridiculous in my eyes, the FT-86 is the true winner here, it’s the new born of the legendary AE86, I can’t wait till it finally went into production, oh and of course, the reviews from the experts from Best Motoring!

Demo Car of the Year

My pick goes to the Ericsson M3.

Ericsson M3

I always loved BMW, and I had this car on my desktop for weeks.

Speed Demon of the Year

My pick goes to Rauh Welt Natty Dread Porche 993.

Rauh Welt Natty Dread Porsche 993

I think its fair to say this car is the only car that can be qualified as the true Speed DEMON!  I’d pissed my pants if I ever saw this car in my rear view mirror.

Personality of the Year

My pick goes to Matt Powers.

Matt Powers

A Privateer, drives one of the LOWEST cars in the Formula Drift line up, and can still kick ass with a KA engine!  This guy is my new hero, and I love how he keeping it real all the time, I hope he does well in 2010!  Mad respect!

Race Car of the Year

My pick goes to GT1 spec Nissan R35 GTR.

GT1 Spec Nissan R35 GT-R

Geee Teee Raaawwwrr~~~!!!!  nuff’ said!

So, there you have it, this is me, Stanley Carter’s personal picks from the Speedhunter’s Awards 2009, if you also browsed through the nominees so far, it’d be interesting to know what are your personal favorites amongst these lists, so whats your best pick? ^^

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