Fix this, Fix that.

First off, lets take a look at this thing right here:

Holy Shit!

Really Holy Shit!

That’s the knot for the battery in my Charmant, and this is one of them, as you can see from the above pictures, there’s not much left to it, I’m not sure what are those green sandy thingy was, but they seem to bite into it, I’ve discovered this yesterday when I was about to drive home and my car just wouldn’t start, I’ve moved this knot a bit and the electric is back again, so I drove to my friend’s workshop to have it replaced with a new one, RM5 spent:

New, yay!

Now that’s done, lets take a look on my other daily ride:

What the CRAP!?

That’s the front left door handle of my Perodua daily driver, the incident also happened yesterday when my wife failed to open the door in order to carry Darren out, what she told me was that she heard a snap when she pulled the handle, and that’s it, the door can’t be open from the outside.

Plastic, meh!

Hey, this is a locally made car, plastic all the way baby!  I went and bought myself a spare for it, it’s also in plastic:

New spare.... still plastic.

The downside is that the spare only comes in black, so now my left door has a weird looking black handle….

Other than the door handle, I’ve also got my left rear brake lights fixed, sent it for a car wash just a while ago, doesn’t spent me too much, just glad I’ve got’em all fixed.

Today’s holiday, what should I do for the rest of the day?  Drifting definitely is out of the consideration since my 4AGE is still overheating… sigh… man this is going to be a boring~ day! T_T

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