The problems never end!

Seriously, they just kept coming!

Last month, I was forced to replace my 4AGE block, once that was done, the engine ran smooth, but only for a short while, soon after I experienced my first overheat in a random test drift session, I had my radiator flushed and had the upper cover thingy (forgot what it’s called) replaced, just when I thought that solves the overheating issue, the problem came back again.  I’ve had my car sent back to the workshop for another detailed check up, and guess what was discovered?  It’s not the radiator, it was in fact, the head gasket that needed replacement, damn!

I’ve decided to just drive my car home for the time being till I have enough extra cash to do the repairs, sigh… man, this truly sucks, totally! 😦

5 Responses to “The problems never end!”

  1. WHAT!!! I installed TRD metal HG before i handed the engine to you. Well it was a few months before the incident… The mech confirmed it leaking or just suspected? Then again leaking HG was the cause of my car overheating before.

    Bro, i’m in the same boat too. May need a top overhaul for my car as there’s some white exhaust smoke now!!! urgh!

  2. Oh btw, if the mech suggests that since you’re gonna be removing the head to replace the head gasket and asks if you want to do a top overhaul, change valve seals etc…, well, I’ve changed those before in Sibu. So, you don’t need to do that.

  3. Louis, white smoke? That’s what happens to your engine previously (which is now in my car), one of the piston kong and the block ‘skimmed’, hence it’s not usable anymore unless oversizing it, so I’ve sourced another block as replacement.

    I’ve changed the head as well, not sure if you old gasket is still usable, will check on that!

    Hey, how’s it going lately btw? How’s your boy and how’s the drifting going on? ^^

  4. Oh, that means you’re using a completely different engine now? Since you’ve changed the block and head?!! Maybe then not such a good idea to use back the headgasket. Did a top overhaul last time without changing the old head gasket. Well, it leaked. Even though when the mech and I looked at it and thought it still looked ok.

    My boy’s doing very well. healthy, cute, naughty, playful…. Drifting ? well check your DCM pm. :p

  5. […] but soon found out that the problem was not only from my old rusted out radiator, but it was also due to the worn out head gasket, then to add to my misery, the engine also had oil leaks, grrr! Worn head gasket TVIS CAMS and […]

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