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The problems never end!

Posted in Car stuff on November 24, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Seriously, they just kept coming!

Last month, I was forced to replace my 4AGE block, once that was done, the engine ran smooth, but only for a short while, soon after I experienced my first overheat in a random test drift session, I had my radiator flushed and had the upper cover thingy (forgot what it’s called) replaced, just when I thought that solves the overheating issue, the problem came back again.  I’ve had my car sent back to the workshop for another detailed check up, and guess what was discovered?  It’s not the radiator, it was in fact, the head gasket that needed replacement, damn!

I’ve decided to just drive my car home for the time being till I have enough extra cash to do the repairs, sigh… man, this truly sucks, totally! 😦