Sharing is Caring

Johnny told me that he’s free on Sunday and he’d like to have some fun in drifting, despite the fact that his 4AGTE AE86 is now in Miri, I’ve decided to let him get some in my Charmant.

Before we departed to my usual playground, we headed out to source for some spare tires, unfortunately most of the shops have closed and those that are still open, don’t have any.  Lucky I still have 1 set of spares and my current ones are looking pretty ok, there’s not much left but I guess its enough for at least a short amount of fun for Johnny.

Upon our arrival to the playground, I test drifted my Charmant just to ensure everything was working fine, then I let Johnny have it a go, Johnny may be a daredevil on the highways, but he’s still new in drifting, performing a consistent donut remains a challenge for him, but hey, I think part of the reason is that my Charmant is NOT an easy car to drive, need I remind you that my car does not has power steering, LOL!

After a few minutes, another friend of mine arrived in his Evo II, which we’ve drifted together before few months back.  We continued to talk cock while I let my 4AGE take rest, the Evo II guy then decided to call out more of his friends to join in the fun.

A while later, a whole gang of Toyota Vigos arrived.  I gave some passenger rides to some of his friends, one of the friend called Alex is a real cool bloke, who drives a 350Z, we met before and he was then hooked on drifting, he sometimes drift on empty car parks whenever it rains, and yesterday he decided to sit in my car again to learn about figure 8 and direction change.  Hopefully I’ll be able to see his car in action real soon.


The 'gang'

There wasn’t any rain yesterday, and the weather wasn’t that cool either, so my Charmant had to take rest after few minutes of mindless skidding.  The highlight of the day was the arrival of this Evo VIII:


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII

This car is filled with goodies, they even had a drag race between the VIII and the II:


Evo II vs Evo VIII drag!

Well, I guess you can already presume what’s the outcome, LOL!

Alex and his group of friends were taunting the Evo VIII owner to let me drift his car, but the owner decided that its a risk he don’t want to take, even though he enjoyed drifting as my passenger, he still loves his Evo too much to let someone else abuse it, hehe~

Anyhow, the sun started to set and the joggers started to overrun the place, so we’ve decided to call it the day, good times definitely, and I do hope we can do this more often, and hopefully next time we can see more cars drifting!

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