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My Tropical Rainforest Hash 2nd Anniversary Run Experience!

Posted in Hash on November 29, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary run for the Sarawak Tropical Rainforest Hash Club in Sibu, I’ve started joining the group and registered as a member along with my colleagues last year, I can’t say I’m a serious hasher, but I do attend the weekly hash pretty regularly, though not as much recently due to time constraints.

I’ve ran the 1st anniversay run last year, held in YMCA, and there was 3 routes, Super Long (8++km), Long (6++km) and Medium (4++km).  I was sane enough to pick the Long run, while one of my fittest colleage chose the Super Long, and regretted terribly when he literally crawled his way to the finish line, LOL!

This year, we already knew that the Super Long run will be 13++km, which is insane if you ask me, most of us have agreed that there’s no way that we’ll even think of attempting that, so we’ve agreed that it’s Long for us guys, and Medium for the ladies.

But oh… how plan changes, right before the run, the organizers spent a minute or two to hype up the crowd to join the Super Long, although he did warned everyone that this is no easy walk in the park, his hyped up speech actually worked and it attracted quite a few more participants, which includes my colleagues as well!  I mean, c’mon, didn’t we all agreed to run on the Long run only?  Are you guys out of your mind!?

Apparently, all my male colleagues went insane and decided to give the Super Long a try, being the last male of the group (from my company), how can I NOT do it?  I thought to myself “to hell with this, do or DIE!” Then off we went, the journey of *cough* Death *cough*… LOL!!

I’ll keep things short since I didn’t brought any camera with me, so I don’t wanna bore you, basically it was SUPER hot yesterday, the skies were so clear and no winds, added to the challenging terrains we have to navigate, it was tough, so…much… tougher!

Me and a colleague of mine decided it’s best to keep at a very low pace from the very beginning, while others decided to keep up the pace with the rest (the inhuman pack if you ask me), although the slow pacing helped to reserve both of our stamina, we were too late, the Super Long run has a time limit, if the runners do not reach the checkpoint before the designated time, the path will be closed and for the slower runners like us, we will have to switch to a secondary route, which will later en route with the Long route runners.  When me and my colleague noticed we were too late, we weren’t disappointed, we were REALLY GLAD that we were too late, as we were already exhausted at that point, haha!

Even though we went on our journey in the shorter Long route, it was still an agonizing run, we have to crawl our ass up on countless hills with the sun burning down on us mercilessly, I’ve lost count on how many times we have to stopped and take rest, but I’m just glad that we both made it out alive after 2 hours.  I just couldn’t imagine what would happen if we actually made it in the Super Long checkpoint, one thing for sure… you definitely won’t be seeing me posting here in a very long time! ROFL!!

I’m definitely not as fit as I used to be, though I was blocked off from the Super Long route (which I’m glad they did!), I was more than happy to complete the rest of my run in the Long route, all in all, it was one hell of an experience, the guys from the Sarawak Tropical Rainforest Hash Club have pulled off a grand and awesome event again, it was better than last year, and I’m sure it’ll only get better.  I’ll be sure to join them very soon whenever I’m free.  ^^

Fix this, Fix that.

Posted in Car stuff on November 27, 2009 by Stanley Carter

First off, lets take a look at this thing right here:

Holy Shit!

Really Holy Shit!

That’s the knot for the battery in my Charmant, and this is one of them, as you can see from the above pictures, there’s not much left to it, I’m not sure what are those green sandy thingy was, but they seem to bite into it, I’ve discovered this yesterday when I was about to drive home and my car just wouldn’t start, I’ve moved this knot a bit and the electric is back again, so I drove to my friend’s workshop to have it replaced with a new one, RM5 spent:

New, yay!

Now that’s done, lets take a look on my other daily ride:

What the CRAP!?

That’s the front left door handle of my Perodua daily driver, the incident also happened yesterday when my wife failed to open the door in order to carry Darren out, what she told me was that she heard a snap when she pulled the handle, and that’s it, the door can’t be open from the outside.

Plastic, meh!

Hey, this is a locally made car, plastic all the way baby!  I went and bought myself a spare for it, it’s also in plastic:

New spare.... still plastic.

The downside is that the spare only comes in black, so now my left door has a weird looking black handle….

Other than the door handle, I’ve also got my left rear brake lights fixed, sent it for a car wash just a while ago, doesn’t spent me too much, just glad I’ve got’em all fixed.

Today’s holiday, what should I do for the rest of the day?  Drifting definitely is out of the consideration since my 4AGE is still overheating… sigh… man this is going to be a boring~ day! T_T

The problems never end!

Posted in Car stuff on November 24, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Seriously, they just kept coming!

Last month, I was forced to replace my 4AGE block, once that was done, the engine ran smooth, but only for a short while, soon after I experienced my first overheat in a random test drift session, I had my radiator flushed and had the upper cover thingy (forgot what it’s called) replaced, just when I thought that solves the overheating issue, the problem came back again.  I’ve had my car sent back to the workshop for another detailed check up, and guess what was discovered?  It’s not the radiator, it was in fact, the head gasket that needed replacement, damn!

I’ve decided to just drive my car home for the time being till I have enough extra cash to do the repairs, sigh… man, this truly sucks, totally! 😦