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My 1st ever Touge Experience!

Posted in Touge on October 23, 2009 by Stanley Carter

Sorry for the delay, was real busy from the last few weeks, anyhow, I’ve posted a preview on the day that I got back from KL, and here’s my full post on my experience to the Genting Touge.

One of my initial plans on the Star Drift trip was hoping to sit in Yoong’s HKS Hiper DCM S13 and experience it’s raw power on the AFamosa track, but unfortunately the owner (Yoong) did not brought his car down to Melaka, so I’ve missed my chance… BUT, on that night while we’re on our way back to KL after having our dinner at Pizza Hut, Yoong offered me a ride in his Silvia up genting in midnight… well you guessed it, how can I say NO!? LOL!

At around 12:20pm, I was already waiting at the outside of my brother’s apartment gates, Yoong’s monster Silvia can be heard before I could even see it’s headlights.  Few seconds later, the car was parked right in front of me, I climbed into it and it took me 5 minutes just to get myself properly buckled up, with the help from Yoong in the process, I’m such a noob, LOL!

The drive from my apartment to the Genting mountain pass feels like a Wangan ride for me, due to the fact that there’s much less traffic during midnight, and how ‘fast’ Yoong was actually going, and speaking of the ‘wangan’ trip, man…. the Silvia’s acceleration was simply… atstounding!  When Yoong presses the gas, the car simply rocketed into hyperspace… well okay that was way too exaggerating, but you get my idea, the feel of the acceleration was awesome, everything else on the highway just seemed so slow at the time.  Now the last time I sat in this car was many years ago when it was in the yellow phoenix livery, the car was badly damaged during the 1st ever D1GPMY round in Bukit Jalil… the car was then sent to Singapore and been rebuilt into the current monster, when the car was rebuilding, I was already back to Sibu, and living my very own life.  It was pretty obvious that the car that I’m sitting in now has absolutely no similarities to the old ‘phoenix’, and man was that difference mind boggling!

With only 30 minutes or so, we’ve already on our climb up to the Genting highlands.  Now the highspeed drive was awesome, but on the twisty roads of Genting touge, it was way better!  Yoong told me the car was currently in a more grippy setting, so he won’t be drifting much on our way up to Genting.. hey I’m cool with that!  But for 1 thing, I certainly wasn’t prepared for the sheer speed and G force that this Silvia could achieve at the corners!  I mean, seriously, Yoong was basically charging into corners at speeds that no normal man would ever imagined to attempt, everytime he tackles the corner, my mind kept telling me that we’re gonna lose it and die!  But no, how wrong was I, the Silvia kept on the roads and accerelates out of the corner like it was on rails!  There was no oversteer, no understeer, the car simply turns in and exits the corner without breaking a sweat! The brakes were also incredible, when it almost feels as if we’re gonna miss the corner, a tap of the brakes and the car slows down immediately, a big thanks to the CF brake pads.  All of these happened so fast I couldn’t spare a milisecond to blink my eyes as I just didn’t want to miss everything, haha!

While I was holding tight on the ‘Oh Shit’ handle and enjoying the touge ride, suddenly Yoong decided that he wanted to drift and connect some of the corners, when he told me to brace myself, I actually grinned…. “It’s about damn time!” LOL!  A right hand turn comes up real fast, Yoong charges into the corner, yanks the Ebrake, and completes the viscous drift, having to experience a super fast Touge attack plus a few drifts mixed in the process, this was definitely the ride of my life!  It’s amazing how this car handles on these roads, and this really shows how much work had been put in this car to make it handle this well, the handling IMO, was so out of this world!

After a while, we’ve finally reached the top, the car was parked in front of  StarBucks for a short breather, which it attracted a lot fo the Genting officials:

Genting StarBucks

Genting StarBucks

Yoong and his Silvia were definitely not strangers to them, while they were busy admiring the monster machine, they kept requesting Yoong to drift on the spot!  Yoong declined of course, the officials were kinda disappointed, but Yoong did let them hear a few engine revs before we took off, it was loud! LOL!

I’m not gonna write much, but the downhill was as fun and exciting as the uphill, if not more.  The fun only lasted a short while since the downhill traffic was kinda busy, so we have to take it slow and easy.  When we finally reached the bottom, we had another stop rest at the gas station, by then I was already feeling a little bit uncomfortable, Yoong asked if I needed a drink, I told him no, cause I know if I consume anything at that time, I’d probably puke’em in the car later, ROFL!!

Petrol Station

Petrol Station

I reached home at 2am++, the entire Genting touge experience only took us 2 hours!  Pretty amazing.

Aside from my Star Drift experience, this Touge experience that I’ve just experienced, was definitely heaps better than the entire Star Drift!  It’s something that I will never forget for the rest of my life, and thanks to Yoong for making my trip so much worthwhile!