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Slightly off topic here, but I’ve been playing this awesome shooter “Dead Space” for the past couple of months, scared the shit outta me and I enjoyed every bit of the game, I’ve just beaten the game last night and uninstalled it immediately, reason being that I’ve just got my hands on 3 new games, which are Resident Evil 5, NFS: Shift and Batman.

I first tried to install NFS: Shift, after several fail attempts, I’ve decided I should try RE5, which surprisingly, also doesn’t work on my Vista.  My rig and my Vista are literally crap right now, having just got myself some new games, and I can’t even get them properly installed or start up on my pc!  This is truly frustrating, felt like nuking my stupid PC.  This is the time when you thought to yourself… ah… how I wish I have the money to go buy a brand new PC… sweeet… *cough cough*

Anyhow, I’m considering upgrading to Windows 7, hopefully it’ll solve some of the weird compatibility issues I’ve been experiencing with Vista.

And back on the blog’s main topic… I’ll be driving my Charmant to a workshop for the Engine compression test, hopefuly the damage is minor and easy to repair… *gulp*

4 Responses to “PC Gaming”

  1. My latest past time since coming to KL has been going to Internet cafes and playing L4D with my sis and her bf. Sigh! Wish i brought my car up here.

  2. I bought NFS Shift last friday. The game crashed every time I tried to play it (the test lap) and only got it to work today without shadows and disabled most details even though my PC should handle the game well and smooth.

    Also the game is a bit of a let down so far: I played with the keyboard (to know for sure my gamepad wasn’t faulty to the crashes) and the cars are not even controllable by keyboard and I could not exit the game ANYWHERE because it is a port from consoles… Also the game recommended me to play it with full assistance like I was a child. 😐

    All of a sudden I remembered WHY I decided three years ago not to buy games for the PC anymore… I only I would have remembered that earlier and saved myself 50 euros… I guess I have to get it to work with the game controller and see how well it goes then… 😉

  3. tofu: wow, a doctor that plays video games! I’m impressed, haha!

    banpei: You should try LFS (Live For Speed), an awesome simulation racing game. ^^

  4. i still leave my rig with xp and shift runs ok! lol

    btw i lost ur number since the phone shop accidentally erased my phone

    mine is 018-2002883 and 016-5217030, please give me a missed call, thanks

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